InvestBW: Baden-­Württemberg's largest funding program open to all industries

The Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing has initiated InvestBW as the largest industry-open investment and innovation support program in the history of Baden-Württemberg. Within the program for investment and innovation projects, a total amount of 300 million euros in funding will be made available.

The program


Innovation funding and investment funding are the two pillars of the program. Applications can be submitted continuously until 31.12.2021.

In the area of innovation funding, companies from Baden-Württemberg are eligible to apply, and in the case of joint projects also in cooperation with research institutions, universities and other companies. The projects must be targeted at the development of new products, services, business models and business processes and can be funded with up to €5 million. Funding rates of up to 80% are possible.

Companies from Baden-Württemberg are eligible to apply for investment funding. Funding of up to €1 million is available for installation and expansion investments or investments in the transformation or diversification of an operating facility. The standard funding rate is up to 10% of the eligible expenses. An increase in the funding rate up to a maximum of 25 % shall be granted if the project contributes to the achievement of sustainability goals and goes beyond national or European standards as well as in case of a special economic importance for the business location Baden-Württemberg. The investment projects shall:

  • increase the productivity, efficiency or flexibility of the company,
  • comply with sustainability objectives and to protect the environment and conserve resources,
  • contribute to the sustainable and long-term development of the company, and
  • actively promote the creation and preservation of jobs.

For more information on the funding program and the application process, visit



What can we do for you

With over 20 years of expertise in the field of funding consulting, we support you with our technical and business know-how throughout the entire application process, project implementation and accounting. As a reliable partner at your side, we look at the entire innovation strategy and can set up the best funding structure for your company.

Our goal is to keep your effort in applying for and processing the funding as low as possible, so that you can fully concentrate on the execution of your R&D (research and development) project.

As mentioned in the article above, applications can be submitted to InvestBW until 31.12.2021. So contact us now to have your project subjected to a non-binding funding check in good time. 


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