Listed consulting firm

in the BAFA support program "Promotion of entrepreneurial know-how - qualified consulting on all economic, financial, personnel and organizational issues of business management.

Selected contractor

to support the development of Business Acceleration Services under the European Innovation Council.

go-inno Autorisation

EurA belongs to the close circle of go inno consulting companies authorised by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.

Authorised consulting firm

EurA is a consulting firm for innovative companies authorised by the Federal Ministry of Economics.

Quality Management Certificate

EurA is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

DIN Spec
Guideline for innovation consulting

For the realisation of innovations, DIN SPEC 91415 is an assistance in the research and development process at SMEs.

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We feel at home in these areas, which fuel our work and shape markets.



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The people at EurA create the future. They plant the seeds for our customers' growth. Together with our clients, we put ground-breaking ideas into practice that make tomorrow‘s world a better place. Our actions secure and create jobs, improve people‘s quality of life, focus on sustainable growth and a resource-friendly development based on innovative technologies.

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