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We support you

... from the initial idea at university and the associated basic research, through technical proof of feasibility and pilot implementation, to successful market launch and expansion of production. We also help with scale-up financing by arranging venture capital, subsidies and
investment grants.


SMEs and
large companies

As the person responsible for R&D in your company, are you looking for new ideas, partners or funding? We offer you the opportunity to outsource
this work.


universities and
research institutions

We are there for you if you are looking for collaborations for your research project and want to acquire public funding.
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and politics

If you need a competent partner to navigate you safely through the funding jungle, please contact us.

Our services for you in Ellwangen

EurA offers you comprehensive services in the field of innovation. Take advantage of our expertise and choose the right service for your project from our range of services in Ellwangen.

Advice on national funding

In Germany, companies have access to numerous state subsidies and grants from the federal and state governments. We have extensive knowledge of the German funding landscape and all relevant funding programs. This enables us to identify and utilize the optimal funding opportunity for your project.

Advice on EU funding

Shape the future of the European Union with the help of European funding. Take advantage of the expertise of EurA, a leading consultancy for EU funding programs. We support you with your application for programs such as Horizon Europe and the EIC Accelerator. Start your project now with us at your side!

Funding management

Funding management is the key to the successful use of state funding for companies and local authorities. Our range of services in the area of funding management covers the entire spectrum from funding advice to the identification of suitable funding programs, project design, application to effective administration and verification. Our aim is to efficiently apply for and access your funding in accordance with legal requirements. In other words, we leave the exciting part of the project entirely to you and take care of the rest. Our project support covers innovation projects of almost any size - from 10,000 euros to project volumes of 40 million euros and more.

Advice on investment funding

Investment funding plays a key role for companies wishing to invest in new technologies, infrastructure, production facilities, renewable energies or information and communication technology (ICT). We support you in minimising your financial risks through funding programmes. 

Project managment

We provide you with comprehensive support in the application and project conception for your research project. From rough structuring to partner search, we help you to identify critical milestones, minimize risks and integrate external expertise. Our support goes beyond the application process to help you access funding, meet deadlines and prepare reports. We also arrange cooperation partners to drive your project forward efficiently and establish strategic partnerships.

Innovation networks

Discover the power of networking in innovation networks! We bring you together with suitable partners along your value chain, promote knowledge transfer and support you in implementing your ideas. Our network management organizes both online meetings and face-to-face meetings at interesting locations. We regularly organize inspiring network meetings with specialist presentations, up-to-date market information and exciting project workshops. Contact us today to discover your networking and cooperation opportunities in innovation networks!

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Energy consulting

Minimize your energy consumption and reduce your CO2 emissions as a company or municipal facility. Discover the right government funding opportunities with us and take action now for a sustainable future. Take advantage of our energy consulting and start your environmentally friendly initiative today!

Go-to-market service

Marketing innovations is challenging! Despite being new to the market, many innovations fail. Individual market information and strategies are crucial, especially for new products. Practical relevance is essential. Take advantage of our experience, our network of potential pilot customers and our data-based go-to-market strategy for your success!

Venture capital consulting

Discover your Europe-wide access to scale-ups and investors with EurA Venture. Our intelligent network is cross-industry and targeted. Our network of scale-ups that have been awarded the EU Commission's label of excellence is unique. Use our exclusive contacts to private investors, business angels, institutional decision-makers and venture capitalists for your growth!

Commercial advice

Ready to optimize your business strategy and increase your financial success? Discover our customized commercial advice! From financial planning to risk management, we support you in making informed decisions and achieving your business goals. Contact us now for a personalized consultation and start on the path to sustainable growth and success!

Our main topics­


Quantum technologies

This promising technology has the potential to create more powerful computers, secure communication systems and more precise sensors for numerous areas.



Photonics deals with the generation, manipulation and application of light. It is revolutionizing our world, from telecommunications and medicine to energy generation.



Information and communication technologies (ICT) are indispensable in almost all industries. IT solutions, for example, enable numerous product and process innovations.



Bioeconomy deals with the sustainable use of biological resources for the production of food, materials and energy - for an environmentally compatible economy.


Mechanical engineering

From the automotive industry to manufacturing technology, mechanical engineering makes a significant contribution to innovation and increased efficiency in various sectors of the economy.



Recycling plays a key role in conserving natural resources by reusing used materials or minimizing the need for raw materials in the first place. 

EurA networks managed in Ellwangen

Open up new markets and expand your business areas. Be at the forefront of future topics and mark your role as an innovation leader. Network with relevant industry contacts and benefit from insights and joint projects. Innovations secure the future viability of your company and make it fit for change.



Development and industrialization of quantum sensors and key components


Virtualization and AI in machining production


Biorefineries - Sustainable and intelligent recycling of biogenic residues into valuable materials


Manufacturing processes for resource- and energy-efficient electrical machines


New materials, processes and parameters for plastics processing taking into account the entire life cycle


Improving the quality and safety of minimally invasive procedures through innovative intraoperative navigation

Gas injection in pressure die casting

Inner channels and hollow casting in die casting


Modular ultrashort pulse laser technology


Digitalization and photonic process chain

Digitale Service Platform

Development of innovative solutions for digitalization in mechanical engineering


Innovative photonic solutions for medical technology

QPhot (Quantenphotonik)

Quantum optical components for sensor technology and communication

Hybride 3D - Hybride additive Fertigung

Development of new processes, technologies and systems

iQusense - innovative Quantum Sensing

Development and industrialization of quantum sensors and key components


Focused development of materials and processes tailored to the specific requirements of additive manufacturing.

Quompute - Quantencomputing

We ensure that companies network, present themselves, work together, receive funding and develop new ideas.


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