Hydrogen Equals Economic Power

Hydrogen is a key element in fighting climate change, in aiding the energy transition and in cotributing to positive change in the mobility sector. Being the source for flexible energy, hydrogen enables the accummulation of electricity, heat, and mobility in an emission-free energy economy. In a decarbonised industry, it also acts as a raw material. Cross-sector hydrogen value chains are predicted to create millions of new jobs across the EU in the long term. The EU and the German government are currently funding the necessary development of a high-performance hydrogen economy with billion-euro-worth programmes.

There’s no time like the present to take advantage of this opportunity - implement your hydrogen projects now and establish yourself in the global growth market.


Our service for you

The broad field of hydrogen technologies offers great potential. EurA presents you with a wide selection of services covering the hydrogen field. Take advantage of our expertise and choose the best service for your project.

Technical Consulting

Create new products, processes, and services faster and more securely with the technical consulting support from our science and engineering experts. We tap into the networks of covering a variety of knowledge fields to develop technical alternatives, to evaluate them and to identify new solution strategies to minimise your risks.

Strategic Alliances

We connect you to key project partners. The exchange of technical and practical expertise opens new opportunities and allows you to enter new markets. By partnering up with research institutions you increase your innovation outlook and technical competence. We help you set up and design an expert platform that meets your needs, levelling up the playing field between you and your partners. EurA is the market leader in establishing technology networks. A selection of our hydrogen networks can be found here.

Project Management

You can integrate a great deal of practical knowledge through cooperation with partners, often from outside one’s field. into your development project. But as the number of partners increases, so does the coordination efforts and the complexity of the development project. EurA brings a total of over 20 years of experience in project management into the collaboration. We support you in driving your project forward in a targeted manner.

Studies & Market Research

Is your product ready for the market? Does it fit the marketplace requirements? Which competitive technologies threaten your success? Which concept strategy ensures successful market performance?

Studies and market research can answer these and more fundamental questions. These resources serve as a guide for a safe and fast implementation of your strategy. Benefit from our experience of previous successfully completed studies and market analysis.


The largest hydrogen-related funding programmes such as IPCEI Hydrogen throughout Europe and the National Hydrogen Strategy throughout Germany have been launched recently, which set the tone for the transformation of the energy industry. However, these complex billion-euro programmes are only the beginning of the upcoming funding.

There are already many specific and extensive EU-funded programmes currently supporting the development, procurement, and implementation of hydrogen technologies. EurA’s services cover the entire funding process: from project conception and application to project management and more.

Additional Services

Networking Events and Opportunities

Even in a digitally connected world, in-person exchange of knowledge and skills is of great importance. Through participation in EurA's events, you learn from the experts and get the opportunity to exchange ideas with your future business and research partners.


Commercialisation Service

Do you want to take your product to the launch stage? With EurA‘s commercialisation service you increase your chance of a successfully bringing your idea from lab to market. 


Sustainability Consulting

Considerations concerning the impact of a product on the environment are no longer a rarity and require a precise and standardised evaluation. Get the answers to your economic and environmental sustainability questions with EurA‘s sustainability consulting. For more information click here.


Corporate Innovation Services

EurA‘s Corporate Innovation Services offer access to innovative start-ups and high-tech corporations from all over Europe. Based on your areas of interest and individual needs, you gain access to practical knowledge and new products through collaborations, investments and partnerships. This creates opportunities to develop new customer groups and markets. - learn more here.


Solutions for your challenges

Mastering every challenge
– with EurA

We pave the way for you. With our expertise in the field of hydrogen, we can not only master any current challenge, but are also prepared for future issues.  Together with you, we gain valuable experience and can adapt to the given circumstances. Our work is flexible and individually coordinated.

Technical challenge

Issues like increasing efficiency, long-term stability, and avoidance of critical raw material use are important aspects to cover when it comes to production and implementation. Moreover, transportation of hydrogen and its widespread supply via filling stations are fields of action with development potential. We also look into the need for solutions in production-related tasks such as the implementation of mass production and the reduction of production costs. At EurA, we help you overcome these challenges using our expertise in the field.

New business models

A business model describes the basic principle according to which an organization creates, conveys and captures value.  It contains the revenue logic and is therefore essential for corporate success.
For the development of a hydrogen economy, economically viable business and operator models must be developed along the value chain, for the coupling of sectors, in B2B and B2C relationships.

Time aspects must also be taken into account, as the current framework conditions mean that viable solutions can often only be expected in the medium term.
Innovative business models make it possible to respond flexibly to customer needs, e.g., by means of digital trading (flat) to identify and eliminate weaknesses and to react quickly to new market situations. In this way, added value and unique selling propositions can be created that go far beyond product advantages and represent a competitive edge.

Market entry

The „right“ market entry must be chosen well. Timing aspects (not too early, but also not too late) must be taken into account.  Likewise, the framework conditions for introducing products,  processes and services into the market must be beneficial. Among other things, government regulations, which are sometimes too diverse, sometimes lacking or create adverse economic barriers,  can be problematic. In addition, many other aspects have to be considered in order not to threaten the economic success and to minimize risks. EurA is your right partner and advises you in the orientation and implementation of the „right“ market entry, be it as an individual company or as part of a (regional) hydrogen ecosystem.


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