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Life Science is a profoundly diverse industry, encompassing domains such as medicine and medical technologies, biomedicine, biochemistry, and pharmacology. Shifts in demographics, increasing individual health consciousness, and advancements in medical technologies are fueling the demand for innovative solutions. Globally, the healthcare sector is among the top investors in Research and Development. In Germany, it plays a significant role in the economy, contributing €49 billion to the gross domestic product and ranking as one of the most substantial economic markets within the European Union, accounting for 21% of the total market. 

Collaborate with us to address your innovative solutions today, fortifying your economic competitiveness for tomorrow.


Our services for you

We offer you professional funding advice with subsequent application and project support, which will further increase your chances of success. In addition, we are widely networked with national and international companies and research institutions in many life science fields. 

Consultancy on funding programs

We identify the appropriate European and national funding opportunities for your SME's research and development projects. Take advantage of our project-specific advice to find the right solution for the successful implementation of your ideas. With our many years of experience with a wide range of funding programs, we can provide you with effective support in the preparation of project outlines and funding applications so that you have an above-average chance of your application being approved.

In a free initial consultation, we can analyze the potential of your project idea together and discover unexpected funding opportunities for financial implementation. 

Research allowance

Since 2020, the research allowance has enriched the funding landscape. This instrument can be used to fund personnel and contract costs for research and development, regardless of the industry and size of your company.

You can receive up to 1 million euros per year in the form of a tax-free tax bonus as part of your tax return. Projects can be applied for before, during or after the start of the project, starting in 2020, even if the project has failed.

Contact us today to find out more about the research grant and find out if your projects are eligible to apply. 

EIC Accelerator

The EIC Accelerator is aimed at small and medium-sized companies, including start-ups, that are developing disruptive, high-risk innovations with great market potential. We check your chances of success for grants (70% funding rate with up to €2.5 million) as well as equity capital (up to €15 million for 10-24.9% of the company shares) and support you in all steps from the creation of the project outline and motivation videos to the preparation of the full application and the final interview.

We are happy to help you promote your innovative development to market maturity!

Innovation networks

"You get ahead quickly on your own, but you get further with others."

For this reason, our innovation networks connect different companies both vertically and horizontally along your value chain. Through knowledge and technology transfer within these exclusive networks, we promote new ideas, realize new projects and introduce you to potential customers.

Our network managers organize sustainable meetings with network partners and keep you up to date with news from the network, specialist presentations and the latest market developments. Regular network meetings provide you with new insights into your sector through laboratory and company tours.

Contact us if you are interested in a network or if you would like us to implement a new network idea for you. 

Search for strategic partners

For innovation, you need experts with the right know-how at your side. This expertise is often waiting for you outside your company. That's why we are happy to put you in touch with national universities or research institutes as well as our diverse customers. 

We coordinate complex coordination processes for you and support you in finding project partners and project planning. This allows you to concentrate on your core business and advance your research, development and market launch. 

Innovation workshops

Our workshops inform you about innovations and provide you with specialist and technical know-how. This will give you new ideas and help you discover new areas of demand in your sector. We offer you a platform for discussing ideas and networking with new strategic partners. This can be the basis for new projects, which we will be happy to help you plan.

EurA is happy to organize workshops and events on current topics on your behalf or in your name. Thanks to our numerous contacts, we can organize suitable speakers, moderators and the entire process of online and face-to-face events for you. 

Contact us at any time if you are interested in participating in or organizing innovation workshops. 



EurA network in the life science sector


With our innovation networks, we initiate the creation and further development of innovative research projects on specific life science topics. Do you have an idea for a network yourself or are you looking for partners? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.

The international ZIM-Innovation network, 4DBioprinting, connects experts from the field of 3D bioprinting. The aim is to advance the development of new printing technologies and materials which enable the printing of viable tissue. A key challenge lies in integrating viable cells into the 3D printing process. This groundbreaking process/development has the potential to enhance in vitro test systems for research and the pharmaceutical industry and, in the long run, the production of individual transplant material for patients.


Innovative materials to support the healing of bones are becoming increasingly important in the field of regenerative medicine. Particularly, large bone defects caused by trauma, tumor-resection, or infection, exceed the regeneration capacities of the bone and are dependent on clinical interventions. One highly innovative solution for this global public health problem is the development and application of new surface functionalization and the use of cell therapy to support the bone’s own regeneration.
Through the collaborative efforts of our international ZIM-innovation network “Regeneration for Bones” and our partners from both industry and research, we aim to utilize these various approaches to develop innovative, groundbreaking solutions to support the regeneration of bones.



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