In 2020, we opened another office from Aachen in Herten, which is located in the heart of the Ruhr region between Gelsenkirchen and Recklinghausen. The strategic location close to Dortmund and Essen provides an ideal basis for working with our customers and partners in this dynamic region.

Johannes Schmidt is your direct contact person. He has been a member of the Industry and Technology Committee of the Aachen Chamber of Industry and Commerce since 2023.


Directions to EurA AG in Aachen


The EurA AG branch is based in Aachen (NRW), in the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Our premises are located in the Technology Centre Aachen (TZA) at Europaplatz, a unique research and business location in North Rhine-Westphalia, surrounded by innovative companies, research institutions and universities.

How to find us:

Aachen office
Dennewartstraße 25-27
52068 Aachen


In a region where lignite was once mined, structural change is now giving rise to innovations.

Similar to the Ruhr region, the "Rhenish mining district" is also undergoing a successful transformation through new ideas and business models. The region, which was characterised by lignite mining, will in future develop new business areas with growth prospects in the fields of energy and industry, space and infrastructure, resources and agribusiness, innovation and education.

As EurA AG, we support the market leaders of tomorrow in this transformation process. With our location in NRW, we are available to you as a contact partner in the Aachen, Cologne and Düsseldorf region as well as through our office in Herten in the Ruhr area.

We support


SMEs and
large companies

Are you responsible for R&D, looking for project partners or need funding? We will be happy to advise you, also with regard to joining the incubator we manage.


Universities and research institutions

We are there for you if you are looking for co-operations and project partners for your research project and want to acquire public funding.


and ministries

Do you want to strengthen your network, your topics and activities? We offer you the opportunity to outsource management processes to us to reduce your workload.

Our services for you

EurA offers you a comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of innovation. Take advantage of our expertise and choose the right service for your project from our range of services in Aachen.

Funding check

The funding check identifies suitable national and international funding opportunities for you. It helps you to strategically organise your research and development projects and select the most suitable funding opportunities. Use the individual and project-specific advice of our specialists to find customised solutions for your requirements.

Funding advice

EurA is your expert for national and international funding and knows the funding landscape inside out. By continuously screening current funding programmes and calls, we can provide you with the best possible advice. Our range of services covers the entire funding process: from project conception and competent application to project support and beyond.

We have particular expertise in the use of state funding from the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Hesse. In the international field, we are successfully active in selected EU programmes within the framework of HORIZON Europe.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the aerospace sector, we also have the relevant expertise in innovation and funding opportunities specific to these industries.

As "ESA Technology Broker Germany", we are also responsible for awarding and implementing the Spark Funding programme in Germany. This programme aims to support the technology transfer of space technologies and know-how to the non-space sector.

Project conception

We provide you and your research project with comprehensive support during the application process. This includes, among other things, the rough structuring of the project in terms of personnel planning, work package planning and other resources. We guide you through the entire project concept. The goal is a structured approach that also includes the interfaces to potential project partners. Questions relating to the project concept include:

  • What are critical milestones on your development path?
  • How can development risks be minimised?
  • Where do you need external expertise?

With our support during the project conceptualisation phase, you can implement your project efficiently and in a structured manner.


A carefully thought-out project concept is crucial to the success of the application We are familiar with the requirements of the individual funding programmes and take them into account at an early stage of the project. In this way, we ensure that all formal and legal requirements are met.

Our application service includes compiling the necessary attachments and communicating with the project organiser, as well as processing subsequent requests and additions in terms of technology and business management.

Our support with the application process allows you to concentrate on your core business while we take the pressure off you.

Project support

We support you beyond the project conception and application phases.

A central aspect of our project support is assistance in drawing down funds from the project organiser. We also keep an eye on compliance with deadlines and conditions, prepare plan/actual comparisons and commercial reporting. When it comes to technical reporting to the project organisers, we provide feedback on the reports. With us, you have reliable project support at your side.

Innovation networks

The central element of innovation networks is networking with partners and initiating projects. We connect you with other partners both horizontally and vertically along your value chain. By providing insights into other processes, we help you to realise your ideas and encourage knowledge transfer.

As a leading network management organisation, we bring innovators together, whether in online meetings, face-to-face meetings with network partners or at interesting, network-relevant locations on site. Our network meetings regularly offer news from the network, specialist presentations and information on current funding programmes, innovations and market trends. We regularly organise interesting and exciting exchanges with project workshops, laboratory and company tours.

Ask us today about your networking and cooperation opportunities in the field of innovation networks.

Finding project partners

With co-operation projects and the right project partners, you can quickly integrate important know-how into your development project or establish strategic partnerships for subsequent product sales. As EurA, we have contacts to almost all national universities and many companies.

The larger the network, the more complex the coordination processes. With us, you have a partner who manages the project and the selection of project partners in your interests.

Innovation workshops

Our innovation workshops provide you with professional and technical expertise and inform you about new developments. These workshops, which take place in seminar form in small groups, enable you to recognise future needs. The workshops stimulate the transfer of knowledge and support you in your search for suitable project partners. The knowledge gained in the innovation workshop provides the basis for further project concepts.

EurA organises these workshops on your behalf or at your request. Thanks to our numerous contacts, we can arrange suitable speakers and contacts to outstanding keynote speakers and organise the smooth running of the event.

Contact us now for a customised offer. If you are interested in participating in our workshops, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Technology transfer and
start-up support

The cross-industry exchange of expertise and technologies harbours enormous potential for innovation and increased sales. Thanks to our large network, we can find solutions for you from different sectors and areas of expertise.

At our Aachen branch, we focus on cross-industry technology transfer, in particular for:

If you have realisable technologies or are looking for technological solutions, please contact us.

Technical advice

Do you want to introduce a new technology in your company or do you need the right business model? Take advantage of our specialist expertise. Our employees are highly qualified academics with technical expertise and industrial experience in a wide range of technology fields.

We use the networking of the various fields of knowledge and our expertise to develop and evaluate technical alternatives for you and to show you new solution strategies that minimise your risks.

Our technical advice will help you to develop new products, processes and services faster and more reliably. Our experts from the fields of engineering and natural sciences, financing and project management are on hand to advise you. 

Our main topics



Space technologies offer considerable benefits to numerous terrestrial applications and lead to the preservation and improvement of quality of life. Space services (navigation, communication, remote sensing) improve processes and increase the safety of critical structures. They also harbour a number of opportunities in the context of climate change and food security, as well as in the areas of biodiversity conservation and sustainable agriculture.



As a versatile energy carrier, hydrogen enables the coupling of electricity, heat and mobility in an emission-free energy economy. Its applications range from energy storage to use as a fuel. Hydrogen can be produced by electrolysis from renewable energy sources, which emphasises its role as a key component of a sustainable energy supply. It will also become an important raw material in a decarbonised industry.


Surface technology

As a cross-sectional technology, surface technology plays a decisive role in realising the sustainability goals of federal policy and in promoting efficiency and resource conservation in product manufacturing. Its areas of application include fuel cell technology, hydrogen technology, wind and solar energy as well as high-performance electronics and battery technology.

EurA networks – managed in Aachen

EurA networks bring together expertise and connect development partners, users and potential customers in order to efficiently harmonise systems and components. Their aim is to initiate development projects for specific applications and to utilise public funding for this purpose. They actively promote dialogue and networking between companies and research institutes from different fields of work. These networks focus on R&D topics that offer promising success and market opportunities.


We need CO2-free hydrogen for the energy transition.

eura_hywaste_logo_rgb (1)

Producing hydrogen from problematic materials and reducing waste is the central concern.


The development of new solders and efficient soldering processes are the network focus.


The vision: to optimally combine ecology and economy through a circular economy.


Fluid management in technical applications using bionics.


The network opens up a communication platform between space travel and mobility.


The network opens up a communication platform between aerospace and agriculture.

Logo des INNOspace-Netzwerks space2health zur Vernetzung der Raumfahrt und der Gesundheitsbranche

The network opens up a communication platform between the aerospace and healthcare industries.


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