Aerospace and Aviation

Aerospace is an economy-driven, constantly growing market of high tech and innovation. The aviation and space industry combines a variety of technologies to aid progress, such as information and communication technologies, materials, deep tech, lightweight construction and more. A great example of cross-market technologies is hydrogen, which has been used to facilitate flights into space for decades.

The fast growth of the aerospace industry opens up new funding opportunities and potentials for our clients.

Increased investment in the New Space


On behalf of DLR

Innovation Networks

The German Space Agency at DLR has commissioned EurA to manage three national innovation networks to promote knowledge and technology transfer between space and other sectors of the economy. The networks serve as cross-industry communication platforms for startups, SMEs and large companies, universities and research institutions, as well as associations and public authorities. We identify synergies within the networks and innitiate joint developments.



Space2Motion connects partners from space and mobility sectors. Participants take part in working groups, meetings and workshops which cover:
  • New Mobility & Infrastructure
  • Digitalization & Engineering
  • Materials & Processes
  • Propulsion, Energy & Hydrogen
  • EEE components


Space2Agriculture combines topics related to space and agriculture.Participants take part in working groups, meetings and workshops which cover:
  • Space infrastructures for digitalisation of agriculture
  • Traditional technology transfer between space and agriculture
  • Space services and technologies for agriculture in the context of climate change, food security and climate change policies
  • Space services and technologies for biodiversity conservation and sustainable agriculture


Members of healthcare and space industries can join our Space2Health network. Paritipants are free to take part in discussions covering the below topics:
  • Prevention - technology and services
  • Medical care - technology and processes
  • Digitization, AI and data security
  • Certification, validation and testing

Copernicus Network Office Municipal

We network, mediate and inform.

The use of remote sensing and Copernicus can make it easier for cities, districts and municipalities to fulfil their municipal tasks. The Copernicus Network Office Municipal is operated by EurA, supported by EFTAS Fernerkundung Technologietransfer GmbH and the Deutscher Dachverband für Geoinformation e.V. (DDGI). It is funded by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV). The project executing agency is the German Space Agency at the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

The task of the network office is to provide information and to investigate how networking can be made even more successful in the future. The expert network offers a platform for developing tailor-made support measures in dialogue, for communicating competencies and for promoting exchange in the following subject areas:

Air pollution control & climate protection (e.g. climate change adaptation, urban and environmental planning)
Urban green spaces & individual trees (e.g. monitoring of green spaces, tree control, environmental protection)
Water management & water bodies (water supply, wastewater, water monitoring)
Energy management (energy supply, renewable energies, etc.)
Civil security & disaster control (especially fire and rescue services, police)
Mobility & Infrastructure (e.g. traffic and urban land use planning, public transport).
More information on the Copernicus Network Office Municipal at

Copernicus Relays

As part of the Space Strategy for Europe, the European Commission has set up a network of Copernicus Ambassadors: the Copernicus Relays.
EurA acts as one of these local ambassadors and promotes activities around the Copernicus programme. We highlight the benefits and opportunities of the Earth observation programme for researchers, businesses and the public to ensure that user needs are integrated into the programme and Copernicus applications are maximised at local and operational levels.
More information about the Copernicus Relays at


On behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA)

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ESA Technology Transfer




ESA technology brokers support the transfer and commercialization of space technologies, practical knowledge and competencies.

The extraordinary requirements of space flight have repeatedly led to advanced technologies that can also be used on Earth for novel products and processes.

The mediation instruments include a broad range of space technologies on the one hand and the individual search for solutions to technological needs of industry on the other.

EurA AG and Cesah GmbH, that both have many years of experience, were selected by ESA as the contact point for Germany. More information at

Europe-wide initiative
Largest global space innovation network.

Expand your expertise
Benefit from development results of companies and research institutions.

Secure competitive advantages
Achieve this through access to advanced technologies
in case of lacking R&D capacities.

All industries are considered
Potentials of different knowledge areas.

Expand your network
Technology providers are available as cooperation or
development partners.

Save costs and time
Utilisation of already existing expertise
leads to new, faster and cheaper products over in-house developments.

Being successful together
Effectiveness confirmed by more than 250 successfully
initiated spin-offs.

Examples of Tech Transfers Initiated by EurA

Space Exploration Manages Energy Systems

Algorithms developed to detect very weak signals were able to allow valuable data to be extracted from the unfiltered material collected by the ROSAT X-ray satellite.

You can find more about Space Exploration Manages Energy Systems on the ESA Technology Broker Germany page.

Plasma Eliminates Grease Odours

In this technology transfer, plasma experiments in space led to a commercial odour filter that eliminates unwanted odours from fryers using a plasma source.

You can find out more about plasma eliminates grease odors on the ESA Technology Broker Germany page.

Aerospace Gives Underwater Robots a Sense of Touch

A sensor technology from the ISS robotic arm in space has been used to give deep-sea gripping robots a sense of touch.

You can find more about the sense of touch of underwater robots on the ESA Technology Broker Germany page.

From Comet to Can

"Existing filling lines suffer from the problem that after filling a flavor, odor remains in the lines and equipment despite intensive cleaning. Our goal was to create a solution where, with fewer and faster dosing valves, the flavors can be added as a concentrate at the beginning or end of the filling process, making the plants more flexible and energy efficient, and significantly reducing both the time needed for cleaning and the waste of flavors," explains Wolfgang Teichmann, managing director of KTW.

You can find out more about plasma eliminates grease odors on the ESA Technology Broker Germany site.

ESA Spark Funding

Technology transfer from space to other industries (spin-off). This involves the use of space technology, such as sensors,
materials or electronics.

Technology transfer projects (60k€ start-up funding for adaptation or prototyping phase) including commercialisation strategy.

Support and accelerate technology transfer from space with 75% funding.

Target group
Companies with a focus on SMEs and start-ups as technology recipients are funded. Space companies as well as research institutions and universities can provide space technology and act as subcontractors.

More information

about ESA Spark Funding


Link to the official website

ESA BIC Nordrhein-Westfalen



As part of the ESA Space Solutions Programme, a new ESA Business Incubation Centre for North Rhine-Westphalia was established in 2022 under the leadership of EurA.
For a maximum period of two years, companies in formation or younger than 5 years will be supported with workshops, technical advice, budget and international partner network. Funded by ESA and the MWIDE.NRW Ministry, the EurA team in Aachen and Herten will push ideas through to series production and commercial use.
Do you have an innovative idea and are interested in our ESA BIC North Rhine-Westphalia programme? More information at

ESA Business in Space Growth Network (BSGN)



As part of ESA BSGN Agriculture & Food, EurA is also a part of the consortium which uses aerospace for research and commercial applications, which in turn help tackle global challenges in agriculture and food. A programme is currently being developed that uses microgravity to develop more resilient plants and improve methods for vertical farming.

More information at

Sustainability in the Aerospace Sector

In the space sector, with the term "New Space" and the commercialisation of space, a new ecosystem is emerging in which start-ups and large companies are working on new upstream and downstream products and services.

In the future, the aerospace industry will increasingly focus on the implementation of the Paris Agreement in order to fully support the European Green Deal. Sustainability in aerospace will become increasingly important in future projects. EurA experts provide support along the entire value chain. Future projects will increasingly focus on reducing the environmental footprint, preserving biodiversity, human health and resource sufficiency. This includes creating a responsible value and supply chain, which is one of the most important areas on the path to environmental and social responsibility. Initiatives on LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), eco-design and "green technologies" are becoming an important component of projects in the sector. Learn more about EurA's sustainability consulting services.


Learn about the environmental impacts of your business operations to generate measurable benefits:

1. improve production efficiency by saving resources & energy
2. identify hotspots and identify cost drivers
3. realise eco-design for sustainable and innovative products
4. reach your climate neutrality target faster


Meet requirements and gain competitive advantage:

1. enhance image through high-profile Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) reporting.
2. win tenders and funding
3. meet environmental regulations and requirements (e.g. ESA)
4. convince investors, customers and other stakeholders

Our service for you

The broad field of aerospace offers many opportunities. That's why EurA offers you a comprehensive range of aerospace services. Take advantage of our expertise and choose the right service for your project from our range of services.

Funding check

The funding check identifies suitable European and national funding opportunities for you and serves as a strategic orientation for your research and development activities. The goal is the selection of suitable funding opportunities.

Take advantage of the individual and project-specific advice of our specialists to find the right solutions to your questions.

Grant application

As an expert in European and national funding, EurA knows the funding landscape well. Permanent screening of current funding offers and calls enables us to advise you in the best way possible.

Our service covers the complete funding process: from project conception, to competent application, to project monitoring and more.

We have special experience and practical knowledge of state funding in the German states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Hesse. Internationally, we are also successfully active in selected programs of the EU's HORIZON Europe framework.

Due to the many years of experience in the aerospace sector, we also possess corresponding expertise in innovation and funding opportunities specific to these industries.

As "ESA Technology Broker Germany" we are also responsible for the allocation and implementation of Spark Funding in Germany. This supports and helps accelerate technology transfer of space technologies and practical knowledge in the non-space sector.

Project conception

We provide holistic support for you and your research project during the application process. This includes, the rough structuring of the project with regard to personnel planning, work package planning and other resources. We guide you through the entire project conception. The goal is a structured approach that also includes the interfaces to possible project partners. We help you answer key questions such as:

- What are critical milestones on your development path?

- How can development risks be minimised?

- At which point do you need external expertise?

Our support in project conception enables you to implement your project efficiently and in a structured manner.


We know the requirements for the application of the individual programs and take them into account at an early stage of the project. This way, you can be sure that all formal and legal requirements are met. The application process includes the compilation of the necessary attachments and the communication with the project sponsor as well as the processing of subsequent requests and supplements in terms of technology and business management.

Concentrate on your core business and we will support you by overseeing the application process.

Project support

We support you beyond the phases of project conception and application. The most important aspect of project monitoring is the support of the call for funds at the project executing agency.

In the case of compliance with deadlines and requirements, we take over the preparation of plan-actual comparisons as well as commercial reporting. We provide feedback in technical reporting to the project executing agencies.

Innovation networks and exchange

Networking and initiation of project plans are central elements of innovation networks. We are able to connect you horizontally and vertically along your value chain with other partners; we implement your ideas and facilitate knowledge transfer.

As a network management organisation, we bring you together, whether in online or face-to-face meetings, or at interesting, network-relevant locations onsite.

Your benefits will include expert-led lectures, current funding programmes’ information, market insights, project workshops, laboratory, and company tours. We regularly organise network meetings of interest to our clients in a variety of locations.

Get in touch with us today about networking and cooperation opportunities in the field of innovation networks.

Finding project partners

With the right project partners, you can  integrate important practical knowledge into your development project fast and establish strategic partnerships for subsequent product sales. We have contacts to almost all national universities and a large number of companies; a network we will gladly share with you.

Finding the right project partners and coordinating the processes can be time-consuming. EurA will be your partner who can manage the project and connect you with the right partners.

Innovation workshops

Innovation workshops provide you with professional and technical skillset. The workshops stimulate knowledge transfer and support you in finding project partners. The knowledge gained in the innovation workshop provides the basis for your further project conceptualisation.

EurA organises workshops in your name or on your behalf. Through our vast network, we contact the right speakers for your event.

Contact us now for an offer tailored to your needs.

If you are interested in participating in similar workshops, please reach out to us as well.

Technology Transfer

The cross-industry exchange of technical expertise offers you great innovation and sales potential. Through our vast network, we find solutions from different industries and fields of knowledge. Aachen branch focuses on cross-industry technology transfer for:

The space agency in the German Aerospace Center (DLR)
- Space2Motion
- Space2Agriculture
- Space2Health

The European Space Agency ESA
- Technology transfer from space
- National Broker: SparkFunding
- ESA Business Incubation Center (planned)

- FUTTA (Fusion Technology Transfer Action)
- Fusion for Energy (F4E)

Contact us if you want to share your expertise or seek our tech transfer support.

Technical advice

Do you want to introduce a new technology into your company or need a right business model?

Take advantage of our professional expertise. Our employees are specialised academics with technical skillset and industry experience in a wide range of tech fields. We combine our experts’ knowledge and support to develop and evaluate technical alternatives for you.

Develop new products, processes, and services faster and safer with our technical consulting. Our experts from the fields of engineering and natural sciences, financing, project management are here to advise you.


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