Sustain­ability visible and quantifiable

Every business model depends on the earth and its resources. This includes the natural resources of our planet, as well as each and every one of us and our future generations. We all carry this responsibility.

For our sustainable actions to have an impact, we need methods for evaluation, comparison and visualisation. This is the only way to implement sustainability in the corporate strategy.

The motto is: You can only manage, what you can measure!
Therefore, create sustainable advantages through Green Innovation, use advantage of our expertise and our extensive network.



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We analyse your processes and products, measure their sustainability and optimise them - for more profitability and greener products!

Ecological sustainability

Ecological sustainability deals with resources, environment and climate protection.
We offer you the execution of project-accompanying hot-spot analyses already in early development phases up to complex life cycle assessment (LCA)  according to DIN EN ISO 14040/14044, with which you can determine the environmental impact of your products and processes, reduce ecological drivers in a targeted manner and compare yourself with the state of the art.
Such analyses are the basis for the preparation of, for example, carbon footprint analyses (DIN EN ISO 14067), environmental product declarations (EPDs, DIN EN ISO 14040/14044, DIN EN ISO 14025, DIN EN 15804) or a company‘s own environmental balance sheet (GHG Protocol, DIN EN ISO 14064).
In addition, national and international funding guidelines will increasingly require qualified prognoses of the greenhouse gas reduction potential and other environmentally relevant KPIs of your project plans in the future.

Whether it is environmentally sustainable product development, support for internal company decision-making processes or compliance with requirements and guidelines:
Contact us - we are here for you.

We would also be happy to carry out standard-compliant critical reviews of your LCA analyses.

Economic sustainability

Sustainable action requires the integration of economic aspects in the context of development and the holistic comparison of products and processes and possible alternatives. Life cycle costing (LCC) and techno-economic analyses can help to improve knowledge of the cost drivers in the process (e.g. the influence of material and energy costs), to evaluate alternative technologies and to support investment decisions. Similar to life cycle assessment, life cycle costing takes into account the entire life cycle and all costs occurring therein, from investment, maintenance, operation and repair to the end of life.

Social sustainability

Corporate social responsibility goes beyond legal requirements. Social sustainability aims for a decent life - in the corporate world, especially with regard to labor and social standards, health protection, role allocation or equal opportunities. We support you in taking these aspects into account in your sustainability reporting.
An important aspect of social sustainability is education. Together with our network, we plan and implement customized events for you and raise awareness among your employees about the topic of sustainability through workshops and lectures.

Sustainability management

In addition to environmental and quality management, comprehensive sustainability management includes the analysis of opportunities and risks, the perception of concerns and expectations of relevant stakeholders and employees of the company, responsible action toward society and the environment, and in particular sustainable implementation in the corporate strategy.

Effective sustainability management ensures the long-term success of companies.

We can help you determine where your company ranks in terms of sustainability, what the drivers of your business case for
sustainability are, and why sustainability reporting can be worthwhile.



The team of EurA AG understood how to communicate the topic of LCA in a comprehensible and practical way, and also how to find answers to our questions together with us.

Jens Liebscher

Managing Director Bio.S GmbH

In the field of Life Cycle Assessment, EurA can refer to special experience. These are used, for example, in the highly charged topic of "lithium-ion batt series". An important contribution to the "green future". 

Dr. Martin Krebs,

Manager Innovative Projects/Patents

Varta Microbattery GmbH

It is accurate to say that Dr. Ott's lecture was the highlight of the series of events.

Professor Mathias Seitz

University of Applied Sciences Merseburg

Those who don’t rethink today will be the losers of tomorrow.

Gunther Plötner


PolyCare Research Technology 

In university education, it is very difficult, especially in such quite theoretical subjects as "life cycle analysis", to convey the basics for and the specifics of the preparation of life cycle assessments in an interesting and motivating way.

Professor Christoph Wünsch

Hochschule Merseburg



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