Investment funding

Are you planning to invest in innovative production facilities, energy-efficient buildings or modern infrastructure? Benefit from state subsidies with us as experienced experts in the field of investment promotion. We help you as a company or local authority to identify the right funding programmes in Germany and the European Union and successfully apply for non-repayable grants.

For companies

Our advice on investment funding is aimed at companies of all sizes and from all sectors that would like to utilise government subsidies to invest in energy-efficient systems or buildings.  

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For local authorities

We support local authorities and public organisations in identifying and applying for funding for investments that are relevant to the development of their infrastructure or the renovation of buildings.

Funding programmes for investment grants

Investment grants play a key role, particularly in encouraging sustainable investments and achieving climate targets. Various programmes offer companies and public institutions the opportunity to receive financial support for investments in energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies, systems and processes. The range of funding programmes also includes energy-efficient building refurbishment and investments in the economy and infrastructure in structurally weak areas.


The most important funding programmes for investments




The most important programmes in the area of investment funding include the following:

  1. Energy and resource efficiency in industry: BAFA funding for investments in plant technology for energy efficiency measures, process optimisation and increasing resource efficiency in companies in various sectors.
  2. Innovation Fund: With the Innovation Fund, the EU promotes investments in new technologies that significantly advance the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Climate protection contracts: Since 2023, the BMWK has been helping industrial companies to invest in climate-friendly production facilities (e.g. in the steel, cement, paper or glass industries) in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Federal funding for industry and climate protection (Bundesförderung Industrie und Klimaschutz, BIK): The funding guideline supports more climate-friendly production methods and promotes the decarbonisation of medium-sized industrial companies.
  5. Environmental Innovation Programme (Umweltinnovationsprogramm, UIP): Companies are supported in the initial large-scale implementation of innovative technologies. The investments are aimed at pilot projects that reduce environmental pollution.
  6. Federal funding for efficient buildings (Bundesförderung für effiziente Gebäude, BEG): The BAFA programme supports the energy-efficient refurbishment of residential and non-residential buildings through grants for measures such as thermal insulation, heating optimisation and the use of renewable energies.
  7. Federal funding for efficient heating networks (Bundesförderung für effiziente Wärmenetze, BEW): Investments in heating networks and district heating systems for the efficient supply of buildings and neighbourhoods with heat from renewable energies or waste heat are also subsidised by BAFA.
  8. Municipal guideline (Kommunalrichtlinie): The BMWK will continue to support municipalities until 2027 with investments in climate-friendly infrastructure projects such as the modernisation of public buildings and the switch to low-emission means of transport. 
  9. GRW funding: This takes the form of a non-repayable grant and provides support for commercial investments and investments in municipal business-related infrastructure. This also includes measures for energy efficiency and transformation towards a sustainable economy.

Customer reference

Case study: the FENECON success story

Watch the video to see how we supported the highly innovative FENECON GmbH on its growth path with important funding. With our help, the company received a grant of 4.5 million euros from the EU's Innovation Fund. This investment grant enabled the construction of a new plant for industrial storage systems made from vehicle batteries – a milestone for the Bavarian company.


Our services for investment funding

We offer a wide range of services to support companies and local authorities in the effective utilisation of investment grants.
A selection of these can be found here.

Screening of funding programmes

Don't know which investment funding programme is right for you? We identify relevant funding programmes for investments at local, regional, national and European level with a focus on non-repayable grants. Take our free funding check and let us advise you without obligation to check your options. 

Funding applications

We also support you in the preparation and submission of funding applications, both in terms of content and operationally. We take care of compiling all the necessary documents and ensuring compliance with the relevant deadlines and guidelines. With our experienced team, you can be sure that your funding application will have the best possible chance of receiving funding. 

We also have the necessary energy efficiency experts for the BEG EM and BAFA Module 4 programmes. 


Calculation of CO2 savings

Our experts use a precise methodology to determine the potential greenhouse gas (GHG) savings. This is extremely important for programmes such as the EU Innovation Fund, which supports projects that significantly reduce CO2.

To do this, we compare the project scenario with a reference scenario over a period of ten years after the start of production. We calculate absolute and relative GHG savings and take into account emission factors and project emissions. We take particular care to adhere precisely to the calculation methodology and make realistic assumptions in order to ensure successful funding.

Grant management

Our grant management team will support you throughout the investment process from the notification of the grant to the drawdown of the subsidy. We help you to comply with the applicable requirements in connection with the use of subsidies. We are also there for you when it comes to reports and evidence for funding providers. In this way, you can ensure that all funds are used in accordance with the law.

Savings concepts for
energy efficiency

Our energy efficiency experts identify potential savings and develop customised concepts to improve energy efficiency. Thanks to competent energy consulting, you are able to apply for the relevant investment subsidies in a targeted manner. This enables you to improve your environmental footprint while strengthening your competitiveness and reducing your operating costs.


Financial planning and
cost calculation

EurA supports companies in the exact calculation of the relevant costs and the preparation of a financial plan - customised to the respective funding. We attach great importance to ensuring that all costs are presented in accordance with the project organiser's specifications. For example, we take all important aspects such as the investment costs for development and construction, the operating and maintenance costs and the proceeds from the sale of innovative products into account in the cost calculations.

For the Innovation Fund in particular, we ensure that the financial assumptions and planning data are presented transparently in a detailed financing model and can be audited by independent auditors.


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