The mobility of the future: a vision of progress and sustainability

In a world characterised by constant movement, mobility faces the challenge of becoming more efficient, more environmentally friendly and more intelligent. The future of mobility promises a multitude of innovations that will revolutionise the way we move and travel.

Making the world more sustainable together with you

Find out which mobility projects we have already been able to realise.


Electrification of bus fleets

Using the example of the SeNSA project (Seger, NPDG, Sylter Verkehrsgesellschaft, Autokraft)

The aim of the project was to deploy 38 electric buses for urban and rural transport in Schleswig-Holstein and Bavaria and to initiate an exchange of experience and build up expertise regarding the costs of the entire life cycle of battery-electric buses from different manufacturers and their maintenance and service requirements. Following an exchange of views at various conferences of public transport operators, the project partners under the coordination of EurA AG decided to purchase electric buses across the federal states in a joint project and thus to conduct a dialogue and exchange of experience. This also intensified the exchange and cooperation between large companies and SMEs in public transport and expanded it over a project period of 3 years (02/20-06/24).
Result: The realisation of the overall project resulted in a total reduction in nitrogen oxides of 18,541 kg per year and a total reduction in CO2 emissions of approx. 2,192,000 kg per year. Funding totalled around 13.5 million euros.

Converting from diesel to electric

Using the example of the PilUDE project (pilot project for converting diesel to electric)

The aim of this demonstration project was to convert two diesel bus vehicles to a battery-electric drive as pilot buses. This made it possible to switch to battery-electric buses in local public transport at a lower price and much faster than when purchasing new electric buses. Particularly in view of the fact that the production of new electric buses is subject to a permanent bottleneck, this alternative represents a special economic and ecological achievement in the introduction of electric mobility in public transport.
Funding amount around 480 thousand euro.


Intelligent transport system

Taking the "NAF" bus project as an example

In addition to private transport, public transport is also being rethought. Intelligent transport systems based on real-time data and predictive planning will make public transport more efficient and convenient. This could help to promote the use of public transport over private transport and thus relieve traffic congestion overall.
The aim of the NAF-Bus project was to research and develop a new type of "public transport on demand" mobility concept based on autonomous, electrically powered minibuses with connections to bus and rail transport and the organisation of road traffic.
Through the use of autonomous vehicles in these utilisation scenarios, the project followed alternative development paths to the linear development of driver assistance systems and gained extensive insights into controllability, driving experience and acceptance among users and other road users. The project is of particular importance in terms of its feasibility for implementation in real-life public transport usage scenarios. Funding amount around 2 million euros.
You can find more information about the project here.


Real-time labs for autonomous driving

Using the example of the project in North Friesland

Another important trend is the development of autonomous vehicles. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and sensor technology, vehicles will increasingly be able to navigate without human intervention. This could not only increase road safety, but also improve traffic efficiency by reducing congestion and accidents. The 5G-TELK-NF project emerged in 2021 from the "Autonomous Driving in Rural Areas" network initiated by EurA and is funded by the BMDV as part of the "5x5G Strategy" (Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport Affairs) with a sum of 3.9 million euros.
How do 5G campus networks relate to autonomous driving?
The establishment of the 5G campus network in Leck in North Friesland forms the technical prerequisite for a high mobile data transmission rate. This new technology makes a real-world laboratory for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) aviation and autonomous and connected driving (AVF) possible in the first place. Here, various rural traffic and rescue situations are tested with autonomous vehicles.
You can find more information about the project here.


ÖPNV mobility offering

Using the example of the "SMILE24" public transport project

The mobility of the future will also be characterised by the rise of sharing concepts. Car sharing, bike sharing and ride sharing are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to owning a car. These sharing models could help to reduce the need for car parking and make more efficient use of space in our cities.
Finally, the mobility of the future will also involve greater integration of different modes of transport. Seamless transitions between different modes of transport, such as switching from car to public transport or from bike to train, will make it easier than ever to get from A to B.
The model project to strengthen public transport: SMILE24 is introducing new express bus and tourist routes as well as a comprehensive on-demand system in addition to the existing regular public transport services. Car and bike sharing services are also being implemented at newly established mobility hubs. A highlight of the service is the introduction of a mobility app, which enables passengers to find out about the best offers at any time, enter their journey request and also pay for it. These measures are intended to help close existing mobility gaps in local public transport in rural regions. Electrified vehicles will be used to fulfil the idea of climate neutrality.
EurA has successfully applied for funding from the BMDV (around 37 million euros in funding) on behalf of the project consortium and has been commissioned with project management by the Schleswig-Flensburg and Rendsburg-Eckernförde districts involved. 
You can find more information about the project here.

Our services as your funding consultant

At EurA, you have your own personal, direct contact partner for all aspects of funding in the mobility sector. You can take advantage of our full-service package or individual solutions.

Funding check

The funding check identifies suitable European and national funding opportunities for you and helps you to strategically align your research and development activities. The aim is to select suitable funding programmes. 
Use the individual and project-specific advice of our specialists to find customised solutions to your questions.


Funding application

As an expert in European and national funding, EurA knows the funding landscape inside out. Ongoing screening of current funding programmes and calls enables us to provide you with the best possible advice.
Our services cover the entire funding process: from project conceptualisation and competent application to project support and beyond.
We have special experience and expertise in state funding from the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. In the international field, we are also successfully active in selected EU programmes within the framework of HORIZON Europe.
Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of sustainable mobility and renewable energies, we also have the relevant expertise in innovation and funding opportunities specific to these sectors. Take advantage of our experience in the areas of automated, connected and electric driving, unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV) and drone aviation, decentralised energy supply and integration of the 5G mobile communications standard in areas of mobility.

Project conception

We provide you and your research project with comprehensive support during the application process. This includes, among other things, the rough structuring of the project in terms of personnel planning, work package planning and other resources. We guide you through the entire project concept. The goal is a structured approach that also includes the interfaces to potential project partners. Questions relating to the project concept include:
  • What are the critical milestones on your development path?
  • How can development risks be minimised?
  • Where do you need external expertise?
  • Our support with project conceptualisation enables you to implement your project efficiently and in a structured manner.

Innovation networks and exchange

The central element of innovation networks is the networking and initiation of project plans. We network you both horizontally and vertically along your value chain with other partners. By providing insights into other processes, we realise your ideas and encourage the transfer of knowledge.
As a network management organisation, we bring you together, whether in online meetings, face-to-face meetings with network partners or at interesting, network-relevant locations on site.
We regularly organise interesting and exciting network meetings with news from the network, specialist presentations, information on current funding programmes, market information, project workshops, laboratory and company tours.
Ask us today about your networking and cooperation opportunities in the field of innovation networks.

Grant management

We support you beyond the project conception and application phases. The most important aspect of project monitoring is supporting the call for funds from the project organiser.
When it comes to meeting deadlines and conditions, we take over the preparation of plan/actual comparisons and commercial reporting. We provide feedback on the reports for technical reporting to the project organisers.
Take advantage of our expertise and outsource time-consuming administrative tasks to the EurA professionals. We accompany you through the project and manage billing, documentation, and payments.

Project management

Our services for your funding project: 
  • Planning, coordinating, moderating
  • Co-operation with all partners, companies and scientific institutions
  • Budget and time management
  • Efficient resource management
  • Internal and external communication (between partners and with stakeholders)
  • Risk management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Quality control
  • Support in the preparation and coordination with the funding organisation / project sponsor
  • Project reviews
  • Transparent reporting and compliance
  • Award management of procurement projects or project subcontracts
  • Change management
  • Settlement of project funding nationally or internationally

On a personal level, EurA was a really good fit, and we always felt understood and in good hands professionally."

Sven Frener

Managing Director, Neue Pellwormer Dampfschiffahrts GmbH

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Mobility for commercial vehicles

Development of a competitive electromobility solution for electric commercial vehicles (3.5 - 5 tonnes). 

Autonomous driving and flying

Real-world laboratory in North Friesland for use cases in the field of autonomous driving (AVF) and flying (UAV).

Autonomous driving in rural areas

Testing of pioneering technologies for autonomous electric (electronic) driving.


Systems and components for automated and electric commercial vehicles.


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