From the idea to market success through networks

Take advantage of EurA‘s expert platform,form strategic alliances and grow by developing and opening up new applications - regardless of industry. We connect companies and research institutions in a target-oriented way. Don‘t miss out on technological developments and gain new customers and users. Through active networking, the search for partners is simplified while market needs are identified. And what’s the best part? As a partner in innovation networks, you benefit from state funding. Join our Europe-wide network and realise innovation in your company or research institution.



Our service for you

We provide tailored services for you to get the most out of our numerous innovation networks.

Network Setup and Expansion

With more than 70 innovation and technology networks, EurA has many years of experience in the initiation, establishment and management of networks. We bring together partners from industry and science, both on current and future-oriented topics and technologies, in national and international networks.

Network Meetings

The central element of our innovation networks is collaboration. As a network management organisation, we bring you together, whether online or face-to-face, with network partners or at interesting network- relevant locations. With news from the network, expert lectures, information on current funding programs, market information, project workshops and laboratory and company tours, we have something for everyone!

User Workshops

„Turning Innovation into Business Success“ means knowing the future needs of customers and users. We organise customer presentations and bring you closer together with your future customers, in the context of networking meetings and/ or individual meetings.

Applications for Funding

You have an innovative idea for a new product, process or service? We advise and support you in organising and applying for public funding (non-repayable grants). We find the appropriate funding programme and prepare your funding application in close coordination with you. You benefit from our support throughout the entire process.

Market Research

What are the future needs and requirements of customers and users? Where are new markets developing? Based on an agreed upon research profile we create your market and competition analysis for you.

State of the Art

Technological trends and new developments are changing the world of tomorrow. Knowledge on cutting-edge technological developments is essential for you and your future business model. You will receive technology analyses and important information about current industry-specific trends from our specialists.

Public Relations

We give the innovation network external visibility with a variety of PR measures and joint activities. The PR package includes our own network, logo, flyers, website, publications, lectures and trade fair participation. All this is carried out with the aim of presenting the network and its partners to the public.


EurA is the market leader in Innovation Networks

It is not only us as SMEs who benefit from the EurA network, but also the entire industry.

Florian Lendner

Managing director of GFH GmbH

Shorten development times and react quickly to changes - all possible thanks to EurA!

Dietrich Sekels

Managing Director of Sekels GmbH

Thanks to EurA's support in project financing and management, we can fully concentrate on our future projects.

André Tews

Managing Director of Tews Elektronik GmbH



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Alternative zum Tierversuch
Alternative methods to animal testing
Antimik Innovationsnetzwerk
Antimicrobial surfaces and hygienic coatings
Aquaponik Innovationsnetzwerk
Production of sustainable food from aquaponic systems
Grips Innovationsnetzwerk
Interface analytics in industrial process and quality control
Klarwasser Innovationsnetzwerk
Water for drinking water supply and wastewater treatment
Recy InfraPolymer Innovationsnetzwerk
Raw material recovery and product control
Smartes Labor Innovationsnetzwerk
Development of innovative laboratory technologies and applications and solutions based on them
Feinstreinigung Innovationsnetzwerk
Processes carried out in highly specialised departments
Fotec Netzwerk funktionale Oberflächen
Active network management as an impulse generator and companion for your ideas and concerns
Regeneratives Methanol Innovationsnetzwerk
Regeneratively produced methanol as a material energy store
Autonomes Fahren Im ländlichen Raum- Innovationsnetzwerk
Development and testing of innovative, environmentally friendly, partially and fully autonomous vehicles
Energy Innovation Europe
Developing innovative technologies that reduce energy consumption
Multifunktionale Straße Innovationsnetzwerk
Information acquisition, transmission, generation and forwarding of electrical energy to the vehicle
Power-to-X Innovationsnetzwerk
Comprehensive efficient energy and material sector coupling
Important milestones for a new generation of residential and commercial districts
Vernetzte (Klein-) KWK-Systeme Innovationsnetzwerk
Expansion of energy supply on the basis of renewable energy
Biomastec neue BiomasseEffizienz
Technologies for the efficient use of biomass
Biomastec Danube
Innovation potential in international cooperation
Effizientum Innovationsnetzwerk ressourceneffiziente Umformung
Resource-efficient forming
e-mobility innovative Leichtbaukonzepte
Medium-sized supplier industry
Green IT energy efficiency in data centers network
Energy efficiency for IT
InTeWIND Innovations-Netzwerk
Innovations and technologies for wind turbines and lightweight construction
Kommunaler Multi Energiespeicher Innovationsnetzwerk
Municipal Multi Energy Storage
Modulares Wasserstoffkraftwerk Innovationsnetzwerk
Modular power plant with an arbitrarily scalable energy storage system
Magnetokolorik Innovationsnetzwerk
Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly cooling technology
Sustainable Energy Innovation Network
Know-how from different areas
Smart Grids intelligente Stromnetze
Increasing resource efficiency
Solavis Glas für solare Energienutzung
Innovative special glass production
Thermie network
More info at
Usai Innovation Network
Unmanned systems for autonomous inspections
Zukunft Speicher Innovationsnetzwerk
Powerful and efficient energy storage
EpiHealth Innovation Network
Ideas workshop for the implementation of market-oriented research and development projects
InnoHemp Innovationsnetzwerk
Innovative technologies and products along the hemp value chain
Iot4Food Innovation Network
Food processing
Locasenz Innovationsnetzwerk
Sensors and measurement technology for fast, qualitative and quantitative on-site analysis
Lebensmittelsicherheit Innovationsnetzwerk
Predictive and preventive food safety
Netzwerk Algen
Technologies for efficient cultivation and utilisation of algae
BioÖkonomie Netzwerk
Knowledge, competence and potential in the field of bioeconomy
HealthyIndoor Innovationsnetzwerk
Indoor air quality
Inno2Reha Innovation Network
Innovation for rehabilitation technology
Magnabio Innovationsnetzwerk
Magnetic nanoparticles
Qualitätskontrolle Zelltherapie Innovationsnetzwerk
Quality controls for medical cell therapies
Body-related, intelligent and medical technology systems for diagnostics, rehabilitation and prevention
Vital Monitoring Innovation Network
Monitoring and diagnostics of human vital functions
Zellkultur 2.0
Novel production methods in cell culture
Xrmed Innovation Network
Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in the Health Industry
4D Bioprinting Innovation Network
Bioprinting for Biopharma & Medicine
Robonom-Autonome Serviceroboter Innovationsnetzwerk
Autonomous service robots
Clean Air Innovationsnetzwerk
Identification, analysis and reduction of particulate matter
Predictive Maintanance
Broadnet+ schnell-einfach-überall
Cost-effective marketing of broadband cabling
Hybrid Sens modularity in sensors
Visualisation systems for information and data sensors
INNO Space2Agriculture
Technology transfer between space and agriculture
INNO Space2Motion
Technology transfer between space and mobility
UAS-INSYS Innovationsnetzwerk
System technologies for civil aviation systems
WinInMo Innovationsnetzwerk
Economical and sustainable injection moulding
AR Netzwerk Sensor 4.0
Augmented reality methods
ForAdd Additive Fertigung Forschungsnetzwerk
Competence network for additive manufacturing
Skaen Innovationsnetzwerk
Systems and components for automated and electric commercial vehicles
SCAS Innovation Network
Systems and components for autonomous shipping
OMTS Industrie 4.0 Innovationsnetzwerk
Optical metrology & sensor technology for the production of the future
QPhot Innovation Network
Quantum optical devices for sensor technology and communication
Mobile und Minaturisierte Optische Sensoren Innovationsnetzwerk
Mobile and miniaturised optical sensors
LED LAB Industrial
Industrial LED systems
Optofluidik Innovationsnetzwerk
Innovative highly integrated optofluidic systems
Terahertz Innovationsnetzwerk
Terahertz technology
Enesal Innovationsnetzwerk
Sustainable disposal and use of waste water
RecyKon Innovationsnetzwerk
Raw material recovery and product control
Bison Innovationsnetzwerk
Biological surfaces and their effective mechanisms
Digitalisation and photonic process chains
Innovative Quantum Sensing
Binnenschiff 4.0
Efficient waterway network
Digitalisierung des Service im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau
Digitalisation of service in mechanical and plant engineering
Fruit growing in climate change
Funktionelle Schutzbekleidung
Functional protective clothing
Fusion research
Gas injection in die casting
Internal channels and hollow casting in die casting
Development and introduction of novel H2 engines for the energy transition
H2 Storage - HyEcon
Hydrogen storage and related technologies
Hochintegrierte Mikrophotonik
Highly integrated microphotonics & microproduction of the future
Hybride 3D
Development of new processes, technologies and plants
Innovation through bionics
InnoPIP (Pandemie_Prävention_Intervention)
Develop innovative prevention and intervention strategies against pandemics
LADS Kommunikationsstandards IGP
Communication standards based on OPC-UA
Photonic process chain & Industry 4.0 in modern optics manufacturing
Resource-efficient circular economy
Further development of the value chain of on-site refurbishment by means of digitalization, automation, prefabrication and modular assembly towards a serial refurbishment process.
Energy applications
Modular ultra-short pulse laser technology
Innovative virus protection and pandemic prevention
Alternative sweetness from naturene
Development of innovative technologies for sustainable improvement of production conditions along the entire value chain of industrial meat processing
Realization of bioeconomy goals with the help of biotechnological innovations and optimal utilization of the potential of the biocatalyst "enzyme".
Development of processing technologies and methods for plant proteins
Space and health
The network is dedicated to concrete solutions for intraoperative navigation issues with the aim to increase quality, safety and outcome of minimally invasive applications and to introduce innovations.
Through cross-industry cooperation in the EffiLöt network, the partners jointly develop innovative approaches for holistically more efficient soldering technology, forge new alliances and build new business areas to successfully master the challenges of the future.
​We strive for a holistic connection of process technology with the automated laboratory both on a physical and data-based level. Our aim is to combine the advantages of both environments – production sites & laboratory – in collaboration with representatives of the entire value chain.
Preventive and postal measures for the reduction of marine and limnetic fouling.
Superconducting highly efficient energy transformation
Blue light and blue LEDs with opto-sensory monitor and feedback system for new efficient applications
Copernicus Network Office Municipal
Contact point for municipalities around remote sensing and geoinformation

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