Everything just superficial? Correct.

Because surface technology is an absolute cross-sectional technology and essential for almost every industry.
From protective and barrier coatings to reactive, catalytically active coatings and applications in electronics and batteries: surface properties are often decisive for the efficiency and durability of products.
In the future, it will be impossible to imagine our everyday lives without surface technology. For example, it will play a central role in the emerging field of fuel cells. This is why EurA AG has been present in the sector of surface technology for years and contributes to strengthening the industry through its technology networks which range from bionically structured surfaces to antimicrobial ones.

An important component is our competent surface team

Dr. Maroun studied chemistry at Northeastern University in Boston, USA before completing her doctoral studies in Münster and in Vienna. Thanks to her training and many years of experience in the field of physical chemistry, she works on surface technology topics throughout EurA. Example applications include fuel cell surfaces, battery storage, solar cells, biodiesel applications, photocatalysis and other functional surfaces.

As another strong partner, Dr. Wiesner is responsible for production technology, with a particular focus on joining and coating. She initiates and provides technical support for innovations and research projects in the fields of thin and thick films, process automation, joining of components and foundry technology along the entire value chain. Processes such as vapor phase deposition (PVD, CVD), thermal spraying or high-vacuum brazing are just a few examples of the many applications. As a long-standing network manager, Dr. Wiesner is very well connected in the industry.

As the third expert, Dr. Hohmann supports surface topics relating to antimicrobial, hygienic and bionic coatings. As a chemist, he is also responsible for the topic of hydrogen at EurA. Exciting new topics and synergies can be developed from both areas.

Our specialists will be happy to answer all your questions, from the idea to the commercialisation.

Our service for you

The broad field of surface technology offers many possibilities. That is why EurA offers you a comprehensive range of services for all aspects of surface technology. Take advantage of our expertise and select the right service for your project from our portfolio.

Funding check

The funding check identifies suitable European and national funding opportunities for you and serves as a strategic orientation for your research and development activities. The goal is the selection of suitable funding opportunities.

Take advantage of the individual and project-specific advice of our specialists to find the right solutions to your questions.

Grant application

As an expert in European and national funding, EurA knows the funding landscape perfectly. Permanent screening of current funding offers and calls enables us to advise you in the best possible way.

Our service covers the complete funding process: from project conception, to competent application, to project monitoring and beyond.

We have special experience and know-how of state funding in the German states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Hesse. In the international field we are also successfully active in selected programs of the EU within the framework of HORIZON Europe.
Due to our many years of experience in the aerospace sector, we also have corresponding expertise in innovation and funding opportunities specific to these industries.

In addition, as "ESA Technology Broker Germany" we are responsible for the allocation and implementation of Spark Funding in Germany. This serves to support and accelerate the technology transfer of space technologies and know-how to the non-space sector.

Project conception

We provide holistic support for you and your research project during the application process. This includes, among other things, the rough structuring of the project with regard to personnel planning, work package planning and other resources. We guide you through the entire project conception. The goal is a structured approach that also includes the interfaces to possible project partners. Questions around the project conception are among others

- What are critical milestones on your development path?

- How can development risks be minimized?

- At which point do you need external know-how?

Our support in project conception enables you to implement your project efficiently and in a structured manner.


A well thought-out project conception is necessary to be successful in the application process. We know the requirements for the application of the individual programs and take them into account at an early stage of the project. This way you can be sure that all formal and legal requirements are met. The application process includes the compilation of the necessary attachments and the communication with the project sponsor as well as the processing of subsequent requests and supplements in terms of technology and business management.

Concentrate on your core business, we relieve you by accompanying the application process.

Project support

We support you beyond the phases of project conception and application. The most important aspect of project monitoring is the support of the call for funds at the project executing agency.

In the case of compliance with deadlines and requirements, we take over the preparation of plan-actual comparisons as well as commercial reporting. In technical reporting to the project executing agencies, we provide feedback on the reports.

Innovation networks and exchange

The central element of innovation networks is the networking and initiation of project plans. We are able to connect you horizontally and vertically along your value chain with other partners. Through insights into other processes, we realize your ideas and stimulate knowledge transfer.

As a network management organization, we bring you together, whether in online meetings, in face-to-face meetings at network partners, or at interesting, network-relevant locations on site.

Your benefits are expert lectures, information on current funding programs, market information, project workshops, laboratory and company tours. We regularly organize interesting and exciting network meetings in different locations.

Ask us today about your networking and cooperation opportunities in the field of innovation networks.

Finding project partners

With the right project partners, you can quickly integrate important know-how into your development project or also establish strategic partnerships for subsequent product sales. As EurA, we have contacts to almost all national universities and a large number of companies.

Finding the right project partners and to coordinate the processes can be time consuming. With us, you have a partner who can manage the project and connect you with the right project partners.

Innovation workshop

Innovation workshops provide you with professional and technical know-how. Through the innovation workshops, which take place in seminar form in small groups, you will learn about future needs. The workshops stimulate knowledge transfer and support you in finding project partners. The knowledge gained in the innovation workshop provides the basis for further project conceptualization.

EurA organizes workshops in your name or on your behalf. Through our numerous contacts we arrange suitable speakers and can organize the event.

Contact us now for an offer tailored to your needs.

If you are interested in participating in such workshops, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Technology Transfer

The cross-industry exchange of know-how and technologies offers you enormous innovation and sales potential. Through our large network, we find solutions from different industries and fields of knowledge. Aachen branch focuses on cross-industry technology transfer for

The space agency in the German Aerospace Center (DLR)
- Space2Motion
- Space2Agriculture
- Space2Health

the European Space Agency ESA
- Technology transfer from space
- National Broker: SparkFunding
- ESA Business Incubation Center (planned)

- FUTTA (Fusion Technology Transfer Action)
- Fusion for Energy (F4E)

Do you have usable ideas or are you looking for them, please contact us.


Technical advice

You want to introduce a new technology in your company or need the right business model?

Take advantage of our professional know-how. Our employees are specialized academics with technical expertise and have industry experience in a wide range of technology fields. We use the connection of the different fields of knowledge and the know-how of our experts to develop and evaluate technical alternatives for you.

Develop new products, processes and services faster and more safely with our technical consulting. Our experts from the fields of engineering and natural sciences, financing, project management are available to advise you.



Our success indicators in the sector of surface technology






Network partners




The EurA Surfaces Network

is made up of various competence and innovation networks as well as other strong research partners. In addition to the active surface-related networks EffiLöt, InDuBi, HyEcon and FONIE, short technical discussions with specialist presentations take place regularly. At the so-called InnoTalk, current issues and solution approaches in surface technology are presented and discussed with the aim of identifying impulses, suggestions and potential points of contact across industries.

We are also happy to advise you on current issues relating to project ideas, funding and the technical feasibility and strategic orientation of your company.


Antimicrobial surfaces and hygienic coatings. More info under www.antimik.net.


Interfacial analysis in industrial process and quality control. More info under www.grips.tech.

Work-sharing processes in which the individual work steps are carried out by highly specialized departments or subcontractors. More info under www.feinstreinigung.com.

Active network management as an impulse generator and companion for your ideas and concerns. More info under www.fotec-netzwerk.de.

Smart Q

Important milestones for a new generation of residential and commercial neighborhoods. More info under www.smartq-netzwerk.de.


Biological surfaces and their effective mechanisms. More info under www.bison-netzwerk.de.


Innovation through bionics. More info under www.indubi.eu.

Kommunaler Multi Energiespeicher

Modular ultra-short pulse laser technology. More info under www.ukpl-technologie.de.


Functional surfaces for sustainable industry and energy applications 


Innovative approaches for holistically more efficient soldering technology 


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