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You are currently working on the market launch of an environmentally relevant innovation and/or your company is staffed with women in management positions?
Then the EIC Accelerator Deadline on 19 May 2020 could offer you increased chances of success!

SME Instrument/EIC Accelerator winner supports female leaders

On the one hand, there are plans to reserve at least 25% of the interview invitations for companies with women in management positions, and on the other hand, the EU's "Green Deal" is also intended to be reflected in the EIC Accelerator: the May deadline could therefore be aimed to a great extent or even exclusively at companies with "Green Deal" project ideas. These are innovations that drive social change towards greater sustainability. Up to 35% of the total budget could be made available for "Green Deal" projects.

What's the Green Deal?
Europe aims to be the first continent that will become climate-neutral by 2050. To achieve this goal, the European Commission has made the Green Deal a priority. It is a very ambitious package of measures for sustainable ecological change that will bring benefits to the people and the economy of Europe. The actions, which are progressive over time, range from drastic reductions in emissions to investment in cutting-edge research and innovation and the preservation of the natural environment.

European Commission - A European Green Deal


Green Deal topics include...

  1. Clean energy - Opportunities for alternative, cleaner sources of energy
  2. Sustainable industry - Ways to ensure more sustainable, more environmentally-respectful production cycles
  3. Building and Renovating -  The need for a cleaner construction sector
  4. Sustainable mobility -  Promoting more sustainable means of transport
  5. Biodiversity -  Measures to protect our fragile ecosystem
  6. From Farm to Fork -  Ways to ensure a more sustainable food systems
  7. Eliminating pollution -  Measures to cut pollution rapidly and efficiently

As yet there is no official announcement of the EIC. However, various national contact points have already announced changes for the deadline of 19 May 2020.

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