Now it is certain: The deadline of the SME instrument on 19 May 2020 will be exclusively directed at project ideas that contribute to the Green Deal goals.
This contribution must be quantifiable and credible within the application. Furthermore, the project idea must not negatively influence any of the other objectives.
These are the official framework conditions announced by the EU in its final update of the Work Programme for Horizon 2020. The budget for this deadline will also be changed: With 37% of the total budget, the May deadline will be over 300 million euros, making it the biggest deadline this year.


In addition, there will be another special feature of this deadline:
Companies with women in leadership positions (CEO or similar positions) can look forward to increased chances of being invited for an interview.
The EU has decided that at least 25% of interview candidates should be companies with female executives. If this is not achieved during the review process, the companies in question will be nominated for the interview.

The deadline on 7 October, however, should be open to all companies again!
But the 25% quota for companies managed by women still applies.


The Green Deal topics are:


1. Clean energy - Opportunities for alternative, cleaner sources of energy


2. Sustainable industry - Ways to ensure more sustainable, more environmentally-respectful production cycles


3. Building and renovating - The need for a cleaner construction sector


4. Sustainable mobility -  Promoting more sustainable means of transport


5. Biodiversity - Measures to protect our fragile ecosystem


6. From Farm to Fork - Ways to ensure more sustainable food systems


7. Eliminating pollution - Measures to cut pollution rapidly and efficiently


8. Climate action - Making the EU climate neutral by 2050


Here you find the official statement of the EU!



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