The EIC Accelerator brings together the best of the best from across Europe and its associated countries. From call to call, disruptive projects with a deep-tech focus compete. Depending on the call, the topics are either fundamentally different or linked to specific objectives. But all applicants for EIC Accelerator funding have one thing in common. After a long period of research and development, the innovation with which they are competing is now at a stage where the first tests have been completed and further development close to the market and preparations for market entry are pending. To bridge the gap between R&D and market launch, they all hope to receive funding from the EIC Accelerator.



With the application deadline in January, the European Innovation Council (EIC) for the first time called for project proposals for the EIC Accelerator 2023. The results are in: 32 companies have been selected to receive funding and investment from the EIC Accelerator after 476 project proposals were submitted to the open call. There were no Accelerator Challenges in January. 13 of the selected companies are led by women and have a woman at the top in the position of CEO, CTO or CSO. The funding rate for women-led companies is higher than ever.

The 32 successful companies were selected in a highly competitive process. 159 companies were interviewed in the third application step. In total, the funding budget for the selected companies is 196 million euros, which usually receive mixed funding consisting of a grant and capital. The selected funding projects are located in 14 countries.

22% of all funded projects come from the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. 9 percent of the selected companies are based in Ireland and 18 percent in the associated countries. Two projects from Germany and one from France and Spain made the cut.


126 applicants met all the evaluation criteria and were positively assessed by the EIC jury, but were not selected for funding. These were given a Seal of Excellence to help them find an alternative funding opportunity.

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Following the first EIC Accelerator open call in January and the second open call and Accelerator Challenges in March, more will follow this year. In total, the Accelerator has a budget of €1.13 billion, committed in the form of grants of up to €2.5 million and equity investments of between €0.5 and €15 million.



Highly innovative start-ups and SMEs can apply for funding through the EIC platform at any time. The application process consists of several steps, starting with the submission of a video and a presentation, as well as answering short questions about the innovation and the team composition. A response is expected within four weeks. The next step is a full application, with a full proposal due by 7 June or 4 October.

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