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The SMESH innovation network - many advantages of membership!

Since the power grids in Germany are heavily utilised by the feed-in of renewable energies, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply requires high...

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Sustainability and energy transition: The role of the surface

Torrential flooding in Germany, ongoing forest fires in Australia and the USA, and a global pandemic on top of that: since 2021 at the latest, it has...

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The big funding pot for developments in Bavaria: Bay TP+

Find out now how the Bavarian Technology Support Program plus (Bay TP+) supports your company in research, development & innovation. The three...

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ProFIT - Das Förderprogramm für Berliner Unternehmen

Mit dem „Programm zur Förderung von Forschung, Innovationen und Technologie (ProFIT)“ möchte das Land Berlin die Ideen in allen Phasen des...

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“Forschungszulage”: which documentations have to be created?

The “steuerliche Forschungszulage” was deliberately designed by the federal government to be very simple and business-friendly. In the case of...

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"Forschungszulage": a success story

The fact that all German companies, regardless of size or industry, can apply for the “steuerliche Forschungszulage” is illustrated in the following...

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