You want to develop new ideas and innovations and thus build the foundations for the future success of your company? Let us show you your opportunities.

The year 2020 has completely disrupted and changed our everyday life. We will remember it as the beginning of an extraordinary and previously unimaginable time. Instead of sharing the office with colleagues, we moved our workplaces into our private apartments and houses. Team meetings, project discussions and customer talks no longer take place in person, but virtually. Physical distance plays a less important role. Beyond the changes in our work routine, we are redesigning our free time and often discovering new skills and opportunities.

Why is now the perfect time for new and innovative ideas?

We are amid a time in which we are consciously breaking up familiar patterns, structures, and ways of thinking and in which we are realigning our lives. This dynamism and volatility also lead us to question the future viability of our products, services and processes. Will my products and services continue to meet the requirements of my customers in the future? Are my processes sustainable and future-oriented? These are just two exemplary questions that we are asking ourselves in the present time of changes and rethinking. They show that now is the exactly right time for you as a company to take advantages of the external stimuli and to develop the foundation stones for your future company success with innovative and groundbreaking ideas.

How can you creat innovative ideas and concepts?

Without structure and orientation, searching for new ideas and concepts can quickly come to nothing. With our innovation workshop, we create kind of a controlled stimulation area that provides the necessary freedom to generate creative ideas and the required structure to keep your idea generation process focused and effective.

The strategic use of creativity and creativity techniques is very important for innovation workshops and searching for new ideas and concepts. Getting the workshop participants out of their daily routine and breaking up routines, habitual patterns, structures, and ways of thinking is one of the most important requirements for the success of such a workshop. An atmosphere must be created that consciously suppresses intuitive and immediate judgement and instead allows all thoughts and considerations and creates openness to the new. In the context of our innovation workshops, attention is also paid to the ideas which are initially associated with attributes like “unrealistic” or “not successful”. In another environment, they would have been sorted out right at their beginning. But often it is precisely these ideas that lead to groundbreaking success.

What are the results of an innoation workshop?

Im In day-to-day business, the development of new ideas and solution-oriented innovations is often delayed or even lost as the creation and development process takes a lot of time. The controlled stimulation area of our innovation workshop, however, makes possible in a few days what takes month in everyday work. With a focussed preparation and a determined but at the same time stimulating implementation of the innovation workshop, we lay the foundation stones with which you can move your company forward. It is the aim of such a workshop to develop ideas, approaches and concrete concepts that will sustainably increase your company's future success. Higher turnovers, increases in growth potential and productivity, opening up of new markets and customer groups - all these are exemplary positive impacts of the successful realisation of new ideas and concepts.

Act now!

Take advantage of the current disruption potential and develop the foundation stones for your future business success now. We are happy to accompany you from the brainstorming to the implementation and promotion of your innovations.

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Author: Julia Mai

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