Creativity as Key to Innovative Ideas and Innovations

Creativity is the optimal tool for breaking down routines, stimulating the imagination and allowing extraordinary, unique ideas and innovations to ...

Business Model Innovation in SME – Useful or Wasted Time?

Today, mainly large American corporations such as Google, Facebook or Amazon are considered to be successful innovators in the field of business ...

Practical Tip: How to Develop Innovative Ideas and Grow as a Company

You want to develop new ideas and innovations and thus build the foundations for the future success of your company? Let us show you your ...

6 Important Facts About Business Models

Today, everyone talks about the importance of business model innovation for companies. But what exactly does the buzzword “business model” mean and ...

How to Distinguish Innovation From Idea

Would you like to know how to turn your ideas into groundbreaking innovations? We'll show you what types of innovations there are and what you need ...

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