How EurA Strengthens North Germany

EurA AG, located in Ellwangen (Baden-Württemberg), is an international consulting company in the field of innovation. Spread across 13 locations and ...

€13M Funding for Electric Buses in Local Public Transport

Electromobility in local public transport (ÖPNV) is being used in practical trials and regular operations in more and more companies across Germany. ...

Project 5G-TELK-NF: Autonomous Driving & Flying

Today's data connections in mobile communications (3G and 4G (LTE)) are increasingly reaching their limits and can no longer meet the demands placed ...

SMESH Innovation Network: Many Membership Advantages

Since the power grids in Germany are heavily utilised by the feed-in of renewable energies, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply requires high ...

Quiet Revolution in 5 Steps: Diesel Bus Becomes Electric

An incredible short story! Do you also have an idea on the subject of electromobility? How you can reduce CO2 emissions in public transport? We will ...

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