EurA has successfully applied for funding of around EUR 30 million as part of the "Model projects to strengthen public transport" funding program of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMDV). This was done on behalf of the NAH.SH transport association.

In cooperation with NAH.SH and the districts of Schleswig-Flensburg and Rendsburg-Eckernförde, an innovative local public transport service will be created in the Schlei region of Schleswig-Holstein from April 2024. The aim is to enable comprehensive mobility in local public transport in a rural and tourist region.


What is SMILE24?

The project name SMILE24 stands for Schlei mobility, innovative, rural (ländlich), emission-free and 24/7. The service is intended to offer passengers "all-round mobility" even without an own car.


What does the SMILE24 offer include?

Specifically, SMILE24's offering includes new express bus and tourist routes as well as a comprehensive on-demand system in addition to the existing regular public transport services. Car and bike sharing services will also be implemented at newly established mobility hubs. A highlight of the offering is the introduction of a mobility app, which enables passengers to find out about the best offers at any time, enter their journey request and also pay for it. These measures are intended to help close existing mobility gaps in local public transport in rural regions. Electrified vehicles are used in order to do justice to the idea of climate neutrality.

The strategic goal of SMILE24 lies in its appeal beyond the region: if the project develops positively, it should serve as a model for the mobility turnaround in other regions of Germany and provide important impetus for the future of public transport.

Source: NAH.SH

How did EurA come into play?

Due to the complexity of the project, the two districts decided to bring external support on board. EurA won the tender with the best concept and has been commissioned by the two districts to manage the sub-project. Our mobility expert Adnan Martinovic from EurA is responsible for project management and coordinating the activities of the two districts. We are also working closely with the overall project management and are handling communication with the project sponsor as well as accounting for the funding at federal and state level for the two districts.

Project manager Adnan Martinovic from EurA says: "We are delighted to be part of this pioneering project and are looking forward to seeing how the new service is received in the region."

Consulting on mobility funding

Do you also have a mobility project and would like to apply for funding? We know all about funding in Germany and the appropriate programs in the individual federal states. Please feel free to contact us.


Text: Britta Rückriem

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