Technology transfer is the transfer of know-how and technologies. Technologies include a wide variety of technology areas, such as materials & processes, automation & robotics, sensors & measurement techniques, mechanical components, life sciences, medicine & pharmaceuticals, communications, electronics & optoelectronics and energy. This also includes the areas of computer hardware and software with VR, AR, AI, testing and simulation as well as the service sector.

Advantages of technology transfer within a company

Every company and every sector has its own expert knowledge and know-how as well as innovations and technologies relevant to the sectors and industries concerned.

Technology transfer can already take place in larger companies. These companies usually consist of several independently operating departments and/or units. Even here, there is a lack of knowledge about who is working on which topics and what developments and innovations the respective areas have produced. Individual divisions can benefit from other departments within the company. The establishment and operation of an internal technology transfer department in large companies makes economic sense.

Benefits of technology transfer to different sectors

But also outside of individual actors there is a huge potential to learn and benefit from others, especially when it comes to other sectors. Why shouldn't different sectors share their expertise and innovations? EurA AG's decades of experience in the field of innovation consulting have shown that it is precisely the exchange between different sectors that brings about a number of advantages and completely new innovations.

The services offered by EurA AG are based on more than 30 years of staff experience in successful technology exchange between different sectors, mainly in the field of technology management, which includes the areas of technology consulting, transfer and evaluation.

Experience is available in a wide range of industries. However, EurA's greatest expertise is in the field of aerospace. These activities have led to the participation in more than 250 successful transfers of innovation projects for the creation of new products and services based on aerospace technology in a wide range of industries and markets (spin-off), as well as from a wide range of industrial sectors into aerospace (spin-in). The partners involved in these transfers have opened up sales potential in the multi-digit million euro range.

These technology transfer activities benefit companies and research institutions in a wide range of industries, such as automotive engineering, agriculture, medical technology and the health sector, mechanical and plant engineering, the energy sector, materials technology and aerospace.


Your benefits in the area of technology transfer activities, using our space activities as an example:

  • Europe-wide initiative
    Be part of the world's largest innovation network through many partners.

  • You expand your know-how
    The initiative supports the utilisation of the know-how, scientific and development results of companies, institutes and research facilities which they have acquired within the framework of various projects.

  • You secure competitive advantages
    Small and medium-sized enterprises, which often do not have the necessary R&D capacities, are given competitive advantages through access to advanced technologies.

  • All sectors are taken into account
    The potentials of different fields of knowledge are made accessible to companies from a wide range of sectors for their needs.

  • You expand your network
    The technology providers are available to the technology seekers as cooperation or development partners.

  • You save costs and time
    For technology users, the utilisation of existing know-how from different sectors leads to new products faster and more cost-effectively than complete in-house developments. You identify potential cost savings.

  • Reduction of risks
    Use of existing technologies could protect against the risks that can occur during development.

  • Support options through funding
    These can come from a wide variety of sources. First and foremost, the ESA with various programmes (e.g. SparkFunding or Demonstrator Call), EU funds, national funds, possibly from the space agency in the DLR, or state and federal funds.

  • Together they are successful
    The effectiveness and efficiency are documented by more than 250 successfully initiated spin-offs. The partners involved in the transfers have so far opened up considerable revenue potential.


The transfer method

For the mediation and support of the transfer activities, a set of instruments is used that is both broad-based and target-oriented and has been tried and tested over many years which consists primarily of the synergetically reinforcing bidirectional procedures of "technology push" and "market pull". These included both the compilation of an offer of space technologies assessed as transferable and the subsequent search for potential customers, as well as the recording of concrete technological demands from industry and the subsequent search for suitable solutions in the space branch.


These two approaches are supported by an active technology management with support in the areas of consulting, evaluation, transfer, adaptation and marketing. In addition to advising the technology providers and users, the technology offered is evaluated with regard to its transferability and the corresponding demand with regard to a realistic solution possibility. Within the framework of a comprehensive transfer process, the result is a technology transfer from the donor to the recipient. If necessary, the adaptation of the technology to the new area of application can be supported by appropriate financing or funding opportunities. In some cases, further marketing measures are required for the market launch.

The technology transfer procedure is transferable to all sectors and participants, such as companies, research institutions and universities.

Examples of successful transfers are listed at:

Our offer

The cross-sectoral exchange of know-how and technologies offers you enormous potential for innovation and turnover. Thanks to our large network, we can find solutions for you from different sectors and fields of knowledge.

In addition to developing a concept and setting up a transfer strategy, we also broker innovative technologies and cooperations, for example, and are at your side throughout the entire transfer process.

Further information on our services can be found on this page.

If you have usable ideas or are looking for them, please contact us. Whether you are a company, research institution, university, agency, public authority or ministry, we will be happy to advise you on technology transfer opportunities.


Author: Johannes Schmidt

Johannes Schmidt

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Johannes Schmidt

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I am a member of the EurA AG management team and head of the Aachen branch. As an expert, I have gained more than 30 years of experience in the field of cross-industry technology management, which includes the areas of technology consulting, transfer as well as evaluation. I have already been described as a "Methuselah" in the technology transfer program by a long-time companion of the European Space Agency (ESA). My activities include leading functions in national (e.g. for DLR and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia) and international (e.g. ESA) transfer initiatives. For example, I was involved in setting up the technology transfer activities of ESA and for the DARA (German Agency for Space Affairs - today's Space Agency at DLR) back in the early 1990s and is still active in this area. To mediate and support the transfer activities, a set of both broadband and targeted instruments has been developed over the years and used very successfully for many years. These activities have led to participation in more than 270 successful mediations of innovation projects for the creation of new products and services based on space technology in a wide variety of industries and markets (spin-off), as well as from a wide variety of industries into aerospace (spin-in). The partners involved in these transfers have tapped into sales potential in the multi-digit million EURO range.

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