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The maritime industry is one of the most prominent and progressive sectors of the German economy. With over 400,000 employees and an annual turnover of 50b euros, it secures the country a leading position in technology, production and logistics. About 60 per cent of German exports are shipped by sea. From both economic and ecological perspectives, the development of sustainable and market-conforming technologies is essential in order to meet the increasing demand for energy sources, reduced emissions, and transportation performance.

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Challenges in the maritime industry include rising trade volumes, growing environmental goals, energy transition, increasing energy demand, raw materials supply, maritime security, digitalisation and a qualified staff shortage.

We pave your way. Not only does our expertise in the maritime sector make us able to overcome every current challenge but are also equipped to deal with future problems. Together with you, we gain valuable experience and can adapt to the prevailing conditions. Our services are flexible and individually tailored.


EurA Ecosystem: Maritime Technologies

The Oldenburg branch has a large number of promising contacts in the maritime industry. Business and research partners offer insights into the various fields of innovation for future maritime technologies.


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Our Service for You

The vast field of the maritime economy offers many opportunities. At EurA, you will therefore receive a comprehensive range of services on the topic of maritime technologies. Take advantage of our expertise and choose the right tools for your project from our range of services.

International project experience

Use our technical advice to access new products, technologies and services safer and faster. Our maritime technologies team will support you along the way. We use our networks covering diverse fields of knowledge and our experts' know-how to develop technical alternatives, substantially evaluate them, point out new solution strategies and minimise your risks.

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Strategic partnerships

We connect you with key project partners. 

The exchange of technical and practical expertise opens new doors for you and lets you tap into new markets. By cooperating with research institutions, you increase your innovative strength and technological competence. 

Together with EurA, you can set up and design a tailor-made expert platform with your relevant partners at eye level. EurA is the market leader in establishing technology networks. You can find a selection of our hydrogen networks in the networks overview.

Project management

Through partner collaboration you can integrate numerous - often also non-specialist - knowledge exchanges into your project development. However, the increased number of partners increases the coordination effort as well as the development project's complexity.

With us at your side, you benefit from over 20 years of experience in project management. We support you in driving your project forward in a goal-oriented and effective manner.

Market research

Is your product ready for the market? What requirements does the market impose on your product? Which competing technologies pose a threat to your success? How can you operate in the market successfully? 

Studies and market research can answer these and other fundamental questions and serve as a guide for the safe and fast implementation of your projects. Benefit from our experience in market research that has already been conducted successfully.


Various national and international funding programmes can be applied to the Maritime Ecosystem. There are specific and comprehensive programmes that relate exclusively to maritime technologies, such as environmental protection, digitalisation or security. The aim of these funding programmes is to strengthen the current maritime market and to develop pioneering technologies. EurA is fully familiar with the current funding landscape. Our services cover the entire funding process: from project design and application to project management.

And much more

Conferences and Workshops
Even in a digitally connected world, the personal exchange of knowledge and experience is of great importance. Our hydrogen conferences, already held at national and international levels, confirm this. Benefit from expert knowledge at our events and exchange ideas with your future business and research partners.

Looking to successfully launch your product on the market? With EurA's commercialisation services you increase your chances of a successful market entry. 

Sustainability Consulting
Considerations concerning the impact of a product on the environment are no longer rare and require a precise and standardised evaluation method. EurA's sustainability consulting answers your questions regarding economic and ecological sustainability. You can find more information on the sustainability consulting page

Corporate Innovation Services
Based on your areas of interest and individual needs, there is the chance to gain access to knowledge exchange, new products and services through partnerships, investments and matchmaking events. This enables opportunities to develop new customer groups and markets. EurA's Corporate Innovation Services offer efficient access to highly innovative start-ups and high-tech corporations from all over Europe.  Find out more on the Corporate Innovation Services page.



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