EurA is a founding member of the European Association of Innovation Consultants (EAIC). The aim of EAIC is to give a joint voice to innovation consultants in the field of European research and innovation projects. The active members are specialised in financing and management of Research, Development and Innovation (RDI). As a leading German innovation consultancy, we bring in our experience, especially in the field of SMEs, EU-funded projects and project management. Together with the EAIC members, we represent the interests of our clients towards European institutions and stakeholders. With our feedback, we would like to design funding programmes in such a way that they benefit innovative companies in a purposeful way, that processes are adapted to their needs in the best possible way and that an added value for Europe is created.
For example, we support two EAIC position papers on Horizon Europe and the EIC Accelerator from 2021, in which we developed recommendations in order to guarantee a fair and fast evaluation as well as effective and practicable project funding.

Our goals:

  • To create synergies between members in order to promote the added value that their professional services bring to RDI cooperation in Europe and to carry out actions of common interest and benefit to our members.
  • To promote a positive image of European innovation consultancies by ensuring and maintaining high professionalism and ethical values among our members.
  • To represent the consultancies to the European institutions and stakeholders in order to highlight the specific expertise and professionalism of EAIC members and to recognise the increased impact of the projects they deliver to the European research community.
  • To identify common topics and objectives of the members and to pursue them in a coordinated way at national level, by contributing to national concertation and promoting direct dialogue with the various representations of the EU Member States.
  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge on best practices and information on the latest developments in the European RDI ecosystem between our members.
  • Encouraging the participation of the private sector in European R&D&I programmes in order to increase the impact and exploitation of results.
Stefan Durm

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Stefan Durm

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I have been successfully involved in international projects for about 10 years. I have designed and coordinated international research consortia as well as (co-)developed and successfully implemented more than 50 business plans for highly innovative deep-tech start-ups. To keep sharpening my knowledge, I am a founding member of the European Association of Innovation Consultants (EAIC) and represent EurA there.This makes me a very good first point of contact for questions about international funding projects.

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