The Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage (BSFZ) (Certification Body for Research Grants) revised and adapted the application form for the description of the R&D project on 25.01.2024 at short notice.

In addition to changes to the layout, these changes affect the project description in particular.

The aim of the project, together with the challenges or problems, is now described in 1,500 characters. The delimitation to the state of the art is described in 500 characters and the scientific, technical and methodological uncertainties in 1,000 characters. In addition to the formulation of the work to be carried out in 1,000 characters, the preparation of a work plan is now mandatory. 

The general test criteria of novelty, risk/unpredictability and planning remain unchanged.

"Applications that have already been submitted will be reviewed and approved without any changes. A resubmission based on the new application form is not necessary. Applications that have not yet been submitted remain on the old application form. They can be submitted to the BSFZ up to and including 29.02.2024. After this date, it will no longer be possible to submit applications using the old form." – BSFZ

In this context, we would like to draw your attention to the limitation period for the tax research allowance. The application for the research allowance can be submitted within four years of the end of the year for which the entitlement to the research allowance arose. In concrete terms, this means that the costs for the 2020 project year, for example, must have been applied for at the tax office by December 31, 2024. Please take into account the processing time of the BSFZ and the funding accounting. A prompt application is recommended.

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The tax research allowance offers you the opportunity to claim funding, regardless of size and industry, as well as retroactively (project starts in 2020). As an engineer, I have already successfully supported numerous applications and am happy to make this experience available. You can use this opportunity to advance the development and research of innovations and reduce your economic investment. We support you in benefiting from this opportunity – from the project idea to the application and access to funding. We adapt our services to your needs. We would be happy to enter into a dialogue with you.

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