Since the power grids in Germany are heavily utilised by the feed-in of renewable energies, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply requires high investments in the German power grid. The decentralised generation of electricity and heat relieves the load on the grid at the distribution level. Flexibility and proximity to consumers ensure that generation is adapted to the demand behaviour of the respective consumers. - This is the focus of the Smart Innovation Schleswig-Holstein (SMESH) network.


Aim of the network

The goal of SMSEH is to make Schleswig-Holstein a world leader in the development, testing and deployment of innovative, decentralised, clean and environmentally friendly mini-grids. A mini-grid is an off-grid electricity distribution network that generates electricity on a small scale. Application solutions are to be developed in rural regions. In the form of a model region, the social and economic aspects, the interaction of producers and consumers within intelligent grids are to be addressed.

In addition to mini-grids, the network also focuses on data centres, sector coupling and e-mobility based on renewable energies. The aim is to promote decentralised energy solutions. The establishment and activities of the innovation network are financed by funding from the "State Programme for the Economy" of the state of Schleswig-Holstein and from the European Union.

How exactly does the network work?

Because SMESH is a state network and the partners receive funding for the network, there are no costs. GreenTEC Campus GmbH, VDE Renewables GmbH and EurA AG are project partners in this network and support customers in the implementation of their projects. They also help to find the right contacts or partners for a project. While EurA AG works on the topic of funding, VDE Renewables GmbH is active in the field of standardisation and GreenTEC Campus GmbH in implementation.


What advantages do I have as a member of this network?

SMESH offers many advantages. It promotes cooperation in all stages of the value chain and brings together industrial partners and the initiation of development cooperations through network management. The exchange on current topics as well as the participation in events also turns out to be beneficial. There are shorter development and market launch cycles as well as a competitive edge. Another advantage is the networking of the network members. - And all this is free of charge!  

Dates & facts

  • Start: January 2021
  • Duration: until December 2022
  • Projektpartner:

    • EurA AG (has decades of experience in initiating publicly funded research and development projects and in managing national and international networks)

    • VDE Renewable GmbH (offers its customers a wide range of testing and measurement services according to national and international standards in the fields of photovoltaics, wind, energy transmission, batteries and energy storage systems)

    • GreenTEC Campus GmbH (in addition to the OffTEC training and education centre for emergency services from various industries, which is in demand worldwide, the campus houses the test site for research, development and demonstration of new technologies)

  • Funding: Funded by the state of Schleswig-Holstein (European Regional Development Fund (ERDF))
  • Costs: Free of charge

The way into the network

Joining and leaving the network is free of charge at any time. The easiest way is to get in touch via the homepage:

EurA will then contact you to arrange an appointment.

If you have any further questions about the SMESH network, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Author: Joke Brodersen

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