In our blog article 10 good reasons for sustainability reporting, you get an overview of why preparing a sustainability report can be worthwhile . In the following blog article, we will introduce you to the DNK, a well-known reporting standard. Moreover, we will give you an insight into our internal reporting procedure.

What is the DNK?

DNK stands for Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex (EN: German Sustainability Code). It is an internationally applicable reporting standard for sustainability aspects. It is available in different languages and is used in various European countries. To comply with the Code, users create a declaration on 20 code criteria (i.e. materiality, climate-relevant emissions, qualification). There are 13 industry-specific guidelines for orientation. The Sustainability Code thus supports the development of a sustainability strategy and offers an introduction to corporate sustainability reporting.

A DNK report for EurA?

As a consulting company with approximately 180 employees, EurA does not fall under the legal reporting obligation. Nevertheless, we have decided to take the step of preparing a sustainability report as a role model, as well as it being part of our responsibility towards society and the environment.

How did we proceed?


The description of the economic and social criteria relates to the entire company. For the time being, the description and quantification of the ecological criteria and the associated carbon footprint covers our main site in Ellwangen, where more than half of our employees are based. In the coming years, we will expand the data collection and balancing of our reporting to all our subsidiaries so that the sustainability report will provide a fully comprehensive picture for EurA.

What did we learn?

With customer satisfaction and employer attractiveness being some of our material criteria, economic and social sustainability are particularly important to EurA. In the coming years, we will therefore continue to serve these criteria in the best possible way. This is guaranteed, for example, by a modern, informative, and user-friendly website for our customers as well as individual training opportunities for our employees.

As a consulting company without production facilities, our energy and resource consumption are low. However, our actions also have an impact on the environment. As a result, we have also been able to identify some potential for optimization regarding ecological sustainability through our reporting. In the coming years, we will therefore work continuously on minimizing our material and energy consumption (above all paper consumption) as well as our waste volume and on reducing our carbon footprint.

How can we help you?

You would like to create a sustainability report for your company? You are interested in the DNK? Thanks to our many years of experience in sustainability consulting and the preparation of our own DNK statement, we were awarded the DNK training partnership at the beginning of the year. This gives us access to various information and training material from the DNK. Moreover, we are regularly informed about new developments in the field of sustainability reporting. Therefore, feel free to contact us. You also can find out more about our sustainability consulting here.


Author: Katharina Prontnicki

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