Which funding programme suits your company based in Berlin?

With the "Programme for the Promotion of Research, Innovation and Technology (ProFIT)", the state of Berlin aims to promote ideas in all phases of the innovation process. Through the programme, you can receive grants and loans and finance your innovation project with a share of up to 80%!

Under the auspices of Investitionsbank Berlin, a wide range of support is offered for start-ups and innovative technologies. "ProFIT" is the largest and most powerful instrument for technology funding in the state of Berlin. The technology-open programme addresses small and medium-sized enterprises.

With "ProFIT" you can apply for grants of up to €400,000 and loans of up to €1 million. This puts the programme far ahead in the national comparison when it comes to funding rates!

What is funded?

Funding is available for innovative projects in the phases of industrial research, experimental development and production set-up or market preparation. Your project is also well positioned if the project covers all phases of development.

All project-relevant costs, such as personnel expenses, materials, orders, etc., are eligible for funding.

Who receives funding?

The programme addresses small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) based in Berlin or Brandenburg. Cooperations between companies are also possible. Research institutions and larger companies can participate in association with an SME.

How is funding provided?

Innovation projects are funded in the industrial research phase with a grant of up to 80% of the project costs.

In the phases of experimental development as well as production set-up and market preparation, loans with a financing share of up to 80% are possible.

A maximum of up to €1 million in loans and up to €400,000 in grants can be granted.

How do I apply and how does the technical and commercial evaluation proceed?

A form is available for the application. The most important parts of the application are the description of the project content, the work plan and the calculation of the project costs.

A checklist can be used to check the completeness of the application before submission:


The application undergoes a technical evaluation by expert reviewers and a commercial evaluation by the project management organisation.

If the assessment is positive, the project is submitted to the funding committee, which then decides on approval. It usually takes about three to four months between submission and decision.

  ProFIT in brief
  • Loans of up to EUR 1 million for technological innovation projects
  • Grants of up to 400,000 EUR for technological innovation projects
  • Financing share of up to 80% of project-related R&D expenditures


An overview of all details of the "ProFIT" programme can be found at:


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