KMU-innovative is the most important SME funding program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Twice a year, companies or research associations have the opportunity to submit interesting outlines for various funding priorities.
With KMU-innovative you can carry out your research project individually, but also in cooperation with research institutions and other companies. Since this is a funding program for SMEs, the majority of the funding should go to SMEs.

Funding is provided for projects in the areas of:
Application Procedure

KMU-innovative is a competitive process. Twice a year (15.04. and 15.10.) you have the opportunity to submit a project outline. The project management organization selects the best outlines/ideas from the submitted outlines and invites them to submit an application. In most cases, you will find out after about 10 weeks whether you are allowed to submit an application.
After the application has been prepared, it will take another 6 weeks until you receive the notification of funding. Upon receipt of the notification of funding, you may also start with your project.

Framework data

Funding is available for personnel costs, material costs, pro rata investment costs, external services and travel costs. If you invoice on a flat-rate basis, you can receive an overhead surcharge of up to 100% on your personnel costs (based on gross employee costs). If you bill on the basis of cost price (LSP), you must determine your overhead rate yourself.

SMEs receive a funding rate of up to 60% in this funding program. For start-ups, the funding rate can be even higher. Research institutions also receive funding of up to 100% - but it is mandatory for them to cooperate with an SME.

Do you have an interesting idea? Contact us, the next submission deadline is October 15, 2022.


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