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Thanks for reading! If you would like to learn more about this topic, I look forward talking to you. Whether you run a company, want to drive your development department forward, or work in a research institution or public facility - with us you make technical innovations possible. We have made it our business to support tomorrow's market leaders in generating ideas for innovations, developing new products and services and launching them on the international market. You and your project are always at the centre of our attention.

Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM) - the most important funding programme for SMEs

The Central Innovation Programme for SMEs - ZIM for short - is the most important funding instrument for SMEs in Germany. The Federal Ministry for ...

Can the “Forschungszulage” be combined with other funding programs?

Most funding programs do not provide 100% funding. Therefore, the question often arises whether the remaining own contribution can be funded via the ...

“Forschungszulage”: which documentations have to be created?

The “steuerliche Forschungszulage” was deliberately designed by the federal government to be very simple and business-friendly. In the case of ...

"Forschungszulage": a success story

The fact that all German companies, regardless of size or industry, can apply for the “steuerliche Forschungszulage” is illustrated in the following ...

How do I apply for the “Forschungszulage”?

The German government wants to keep the program very lean for companies and has developed a new application process for this purpose. If you would ...

Do I need a tax advisor for the “Forschungs­­zulage"?

Do you link questions such as "Which work steps/tasks and methods are/were used to achieve the goal?" and "Explain which engineering, natural ...

"Forschungs­zulage": first retroactive project funding

Innovation has only a limited half-life! As an entrepreneur, you often find yourself in a dilemma as to whether you should apply for project funding ...

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