Most funding programs do not provide 100% funding. Therefore, the question often arises whether the remaining own contribution can be funded via the research allowance.

Many funding programs, such as the Zentrale Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand for SMEs (ZIM), do not provide 100% funding for companies. In these programs, for example, you receive a funding quota of 40% of the calculated costs. You then have to pay the remaining 60% with your own financial resources.

Therefore, the question often arises whether this remaining own share can be funded again via the "Forschungszulage". This is clearly not the case! The prohibition of double funding applies! For this double promotion prohibition the height of the already received promotion is not important. Rather, the decisive factor is whether the eligible expenses have already been included in the assessment of another subsidy.

Despite all the careful planning in the run-up to an R&D project, however, additional, supplementary tasks usually arise in the course of the project that are not covered by the approved funding program. If, for example, additional activities have to be performed or additional employees have to be integrated into the project, the excess and non-subsidized salary expenses can be taken into account in the "Forschungszulage".

Unfortunately, not all R&D applications are approved in the project funding program, as projects compete with other projects for the limited funding budgets. If your project is rejected in such a funding call, then you can of course submit it to the "Forschungszulage".

On this page, you can find out even more information about the "Forschungszulage".

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