Are you well prepared for your investor meeting? You want to know how to convince investors of your business idea? Our checklist helps! We show you how to optimally prepare for the investor meeting and thereby finance your company growth.

Good preparation for the meeting
Professional preparation is the key to success. Your presentation should be clear and without gaps. Practice in front of critical people so that you receive honest and serious feedback.
Attract attention
In the first few sentences, you should already attract the attention and interest of the interview partners for yourself and your product/idea/service. Convince them with an interesting start to the conversation. For example, describe your typical customer and their problem. Ideally, you will awaken the first needs of your counterpart in the process.
Demonstrate added value for investors
It should become clear to investors as quickly and precisely as possible how your solution generates added value for potential customers. Argue in a benefit-specific way.
Build trust
Try to build trust with your conversation partners. A pleasant and open conversation culture is desirable for all parties involved. Be honest and open.
Show your own motivation
What do you burn for? Convince potential customers and investors of your idea through your intrinsic motivation. Investors want to see convinced founders and not "visionaries".
Show personality
An authentic and professional appearance works wonders. The entrepreneur and motivated founder in you should come out clearly.
Evoke emotions
Appropriate and not exaggerated gestures underline what is being said. Build in thoughtful pauses in conversation and empathize with the audience. No one wants to be bored by a monotonous lecture.
Arouse interest
You should be memorable through your pitch. Point out why investors should invest in your startup in particular and why your idea has the potential to become a "unicorn".
Define goals
Show your future goals in a comprehensible way. Arguments like "hunger for success" underline your motivation. Make sure that you can achieve the goals you set and formulate goals "SMART".
Show cooperation and potential synergies
Explain by means of scenarios how a possible cooperation between you, investors and potential customers could look like. In doing so, focus on the benefits of the investors and the customers.

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