Technology transfer plays a crucial role in the transfer of knowledge, technologies and innovations from one organisation to another. This form of knowledge transfer offers numerous advantages and benefits for companies as well as for science and the economy in general. In this article we will take an in-depth look at the different aspects of technology transfer and demonstrate its importance for innovation and competitiveness.

Accelerating innovation and reducing research and development time

Technology transfer enables companies to access existing knowledge and technologies, which speeds up innovation processes. By using existing know-how and experience, the research and development time of products or services can be significantly reduced. This allows companies to react more quickly to market changes and challenges and to strengthen their competitive position.

Increasing competitiveness and reducing costs

Another important benefit of technology transfer is that it increases the competitiveness of companies. Through access to new technologies and expertise, companies can improve the quality of their products or services and open up new markets. At the same time, technology transfer makes it possible to reduce costs in research and development, as companies can draw on existing knowledge and technologies. This facilitates the faster and more cost-effective market introduction of new products or services.

Promoting collaboration and partnerships

Technology transfer promotes collaboration and partnerships between companies, research institutions and other organisations. Synergies can be created and joint projects realised through the exchange of knowledge and technologies. These collaborations enable effective knowledge transfer and promote the development of innovative solutions.

What are the many benefits of technology transfer for companies and the economy?
  • Promotion of innovation and development of new solutions
  • Expansion of knowledge and development of new competences
  • More efficient working methods and production processes
  • Access to new markets
  • Economic development and job creation
  • Promotion of networking and cooperation
  • Knowledge transfer and cooperation between different actors

Learn about your advantages in the area of technology transfer activities using our space activities as an example in the blog article "Why you should use cross-industry technology transfer".

The transformative power of technology transfer for science: from research to practical application

Technology transfer plays a crucial role for science. It enables the commercial implementation of research results and the creation of practical applications. Scientists can generate financial resources and fund their research work. Technology transfer enables scientists to focus their research on real-world application scenarios and develop practical solutions. By building networks and collaboration, they can share their knowledge, foster interdisciplinary cooperation and increase the societal impact of their work.

Technology transfer as a key role for economic strength and global cooperation

For business, technology transfer provides access to scientific knowledge and innovation, which strengthens the competitiveness and innovative power of companies. Technology transfer provides access to new technology, reduces risks in the development of new products or technologies, increases the efficiency of companies and promotes cooperation and collaboration. It enables companies to establish themselves on an international level and benefit from global trends.


Technology transfer plays a crucial role in promoting innovation, competitiveness and economic development. It provides access to knowledge and technologies, accelerates innovation processes, increases the efficiency of companies and promotes cooperation and collaboration between different actors. For companies as well as for science and the economy in general, technology transfer opens up new opportunities and creates a win-win situation where all parties involved benefit from the advantages and benefits. More information at the German event Innovation Night Aachen.

EurA AG comprehensively supports companies in technology transfer in order to realise their full innovation and competitive potential. With its many years of experience and extensive expertise, it offers customised solutions. EurA focuses on identifying and selecting suitable technologies. Its experienced team analyses the market and current trends to find innovative technologies that meet companies' specific needs. Through technology assessments and feasibility studies, potentials and risks are analysed.
In addition, EurA AG supports companies in the development and implementation of cooperations. It brings together companies, research institutions and partners to create synergies and implement joint projects. The EurA AG team takes over the management of cooperation projects and ensures effective knowledge transfer.


Author: Carina Herkenrath

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