North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is facing an unprecedented era of change and innovation. With pioneering initiatives in the areas of energy transition, digitalisation, infrastructure and economic development, the state is setting new standards for sustainable development. Impressive facts and figures play a decisive role in this, illustrating NRW's ambition to lead the way and find innovative solutions to the challenges of the present. In this quest for progress and change, EurA AG plays an important role by supporting companies and institutions with its comprehensive expertise in order to jointly shape NRW's future as a location for innovation and business.

Economic success through innovation – NRW as a centre for dynamic companies

In North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), various topics are currently of great importance and are shaping the political and social agenda. The following buzzwords play a prominent role:

Energy transition and climate protection: NRW is focusing on sustainable energy systems, renewable energies such as wind and solar energy, green hydrogen, CO2 reduction and energy efficiency. The focus is on promoting the energy turnaround and climate protection measures to ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply.

Digitalisation: NRW aims to promote the digital transformation and invests in digital infrastructure, broadband expansion, the development of smart cities and digital education. Topics such as e-government, start-ups, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and Industry 4.0 play a central role.

Infrastructure and transport: NRW is investing in the modernisation of infrastructure and the expansion of the transport network. This includes the expansion of the motorway, the improvement of the rail infrastructure, the expansion of local public transport and the promotion of sustainable mobility. E-mobility, bicycle infrastructure and traffic relief measures play an important role.

Economic development and innovation: NRW focuses on promoting the economy and creating an innovation-friendly environment. This includes support for business start-ups, the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises, the strengthening of innovative power, cluster policy and the expansion of the start-up ecosystem. Topics such as research and development projects, technology transfer, Industry 4.0 and the digitalisation of the economy are the focus here.


These topics illustrate the diverse and exciting challenges that North Rhine-Westphalia is facing in order to achieve sustainable development and positive change in the areas of energy, digitalisation, education, transport, the economy and integration. NRW is shaping its future with impressive facts and figures:

  • In NRW, more than 40% of electricity is already generated from renewable energies, including 6,000 wind turbines and 70,000 solar installations.
  • More than 5,000 kilometres of fibre optic cables are being laid in NRW to provide fast internet for all citizens.
  • The state government is investing over 50 billion euros in the expansion of transport and infrastructure, including the modernisation of motorways, the expansion of the rail network and the promotion of e-mobility.
  • More than 300,000 companies in NRW benefit from targeted funding programmes and innovative initiatives to strengthen the economy and create new jobs.

NRW is striving to take a pioneering role and develop innovative solutions to the current challenges. EurA AG, with its expertise in the relevant areas, can serve as a partner for companies and institutions to jointly implement forward-looking projects and further advance NRW's success as a location for innovation and business.



Funding landscape in NRW: support for flourishing growth and successful projects

The funding landscape in North Rhine-Westphalia offers a wide range of support options for companies, organisations and projects. This diverse funding landscape demonstrates NRW's commitment to promoting innovation, investment and sustainable growth. In addition to financial support, the focus is also on advisory and support services. NRW's technology and innovation advisory services offer companies specialist knowledge and expertise to develop and implement innovative ideas and technologies. Another support option is funding advice, which helps companies identify and apply for suitable funding programmes. In addition, there are start-up advisory services that help budding entrepreneurs to set up and develop their business.

One example of financial support in NRW is the "Digital Jetzt" funding programme, which helps companies with digitalisation. Under this programme, companies can receive grants of up to 70 percent for investments in digital technologies, such as the introduction of e-commerce solutions or the implementation of artificial intelligence.

It should be noted, however, that the specific funding opportunities and criteria may vary depending on the programme. It is therefore advisable to find out about the current programmes and requirements from the respective funding bodies. If necessary, seeking professional advice can also help you to obtain the best possible funding and maximise your chances for successful growth and projects in NRW. EurA AG will be happy to assist you in this regard. For more information on EurA's office in North Rhine-Westphalia, visit

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These sources provide extensive information and may help you to discover further interesting aspects on the above-mentioned topics in North Rhine-Westphalia:

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