Schleswig-Holstein and its versatile funding opportunities

Schleswig-Holstein - Germany's northernmost federal state, which is also called the land between the seas, has a wide range of versatile funding opportunities to offer. On the one hand, EurA AG with its branches in Kiel and Enge-Sande is active as an international consulting company in the field of innovations. On the other hand, Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein (IB.SH) manages several funding programs in the fields of employment and economy. Furthermore, the Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologietransfer Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (WTSH) offers location consulting, innovation consulting as well as innovation support regarding various funding programs.

EurA AG's northernmost office is in Enge-Sande, which is in Schleswig-Holstein near the Danish border. EurA supports companies, research institutions and public clients of all sizes to enable technical innovations. As an expert in funding and a leader in innovation networks, EurA is committed to providing high quality innovation consulting services to companies beyond the company itself. The Enge-Sande and Kiel offices mainly focus on electric, autonomous, and connected mobility on land and in the air as well as renewable energies and smart grids.

In the following, we present various funding opportunities in the state of Schleswig-Holstein:

The tax research allowance

Are you already investing in research and development? If not, now is the time to change that. With the Research Allowance Act, companies can receive tax breaks of up to one million euros if they invest in research and development.

For a quick overview of tax-based research funding, check out our blog article: ""Forschungs­zulage": first retroactive project funding".

Detailed information on the tax research allowance is available here.

The State Program for Work

One funding opportunity is the "State Program Labor" of the state of Schleswig-Holstein. This state program is valid for the period 2021 to 2027 and is largely financed by funds from the European Social Fund (ESF). The state program builds on the predecessor program from 2014 to 2020, but also sets new accents. It is primarily intended to support Schleswig-Holstein companies and their employees, trainees, schoolchildren, refugees, and the unemployed and inactive who want to return to the labor market. Three priority areas will receive special support with a total of 224 million euros. These include employment, education and social integration. The program pursues a wide variety of goals, such as supporting companies in securing future employment, skilled workers and young talent, or improving the educational opportunities of young people and realizing their educational potential.

The State Program for the economy

Another funding option is the "State Program for the Economy" of the state of Schleswig-Holstein. This state program is also valid for the period 2021 to 2027 and is implemented through funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The state program contains three priority axes:

  1. competitive and intelligent Schleswig-Holstein
  2. green Schleswig-Holstein
  3. citizen-oriented Schleswig-Holstein

The total of 272 million euros in support is also intended to strengthen environmental goals. The environmental goals include climate protection, adaptation to climate change, sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources, transition to a circular economy, pollution prevention and control, and protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems.

Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein (IB.SH) manages these two state programs. For more information, feel free to check here:

Business Development and Technology Transfer Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (WTSH)

With its focus on location consulting, innovation consulting and innovation promotion, the WTSH is your contact for everything to do with business development and technology transfer in Schleswig-Holstein. The WTSH offers a wide variety of funding programs, including for example: "the development of a sustainable hydrogen economy," whereby in particular the production, storage and use of green hydrogen in Schleswig-Holstein is promoted. The funding program "energy turnaround and environmental innovations" focuses on innovative projects in the energy turnaround, environmental innovations, projects to reduce CO2 emissions, and electromobility. Furthermore, there is the funding program "Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles", whereby the focus is on publicly accessible charging infrastructure, non-publicly accessible charging infrastructure and charging infrastructure for electrified buses. You can find more information on the WTSH's funding programs here.

Benefit from the versatile funding offers in Schleswig-Holstein and contact us for a non-binding funding check!


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