Following the successful resolution of the budget debate in the Bundestag, the energy funding programs are once again accessible and applications can now be submitted again. Applications for the Bundesförderung für Energie- und Ressourceneffizienz in der Wirtschaft, EEW (federal funding for energy and resource efficiency in the economy) have also been possible since 15.02.2024.

The reopening of the funding program goes hand in hand with the introduction of the new guidelines for federal funding of energy and resource efficiency in the economy, which include the various BAFA modules. These are structured as follows:

  • BAFA module 1: Cross-sectional technologies
  • BAFA module 2: Process heat generation from renewable energies
  • BAFA module 3: I&C, sensor technology and energy management software
  • BAFA module 4: Energy and resource-related optimization of systems and processes – basic funding
  • BAFA module 4: Energy and resource-related optimization of systems and processes – premium funding and decarbonization bonus
  • BAFA module 5: Transformation plans
  • BAFA module 6: Electrification of small companies

In particular, some aspects of BAFA Module 4 for systems and processes have changed. The funding has been divided into basic and premium funding. The maximum funding rate for basic funding is 10% for medium-sized companies and 15% for small companies. Basic funding is divided into fixed categories. These include machine tools, industrial trucks, injection molding machines, welding equipment, laser cutters, etc.

In the premium subsidy, the main focus is still on reducing CO2 emissions. However, the funding cap for CO2 emissions has been increased and now ranges from 1,600 Euro/tCO2 (per year) for large companies to 2,600 Euro/tCO2 (per year) for small companies. Taking into account the applicable guidelines, a maximum funding of €20 million can be achieved.

In order to apply for Module 4, savings concepts must be drawn up by energy consultants who are included in the federal government's list of energy efficiency experts. EurA AG offers this service and will be happy to advise you on the federal funding programs.


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I have been working at EurA AG for almost ten years and advise companies from idea generation, networking and project conception to the application and handling of national and international R&D projects. I studied energy technology and have been leading the "ICT & Energy" project team since 2019. In the team, we follow a holistic approach. This means that, based on the R&D roadmap of our customers, our goal is to identify the ideal funding programmes and develop the projects together. The client is at the centre of our long-term and sustainable consulting approach. As a BAFA-listed energy consultant, I also support companies in the areas of energy efficiency and investments in energy-efficient systems and processes.

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