Climate protection, the preservation of natural resources, good jobs and social security are inseparable from a modern and efficient economy. Many small and large companies are active in the field of the environmental economy and form one of the most important pillars here. 

With the funding call "GreenEconomy.IN.NRW", the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia supports innovative ideas and entrepreneurial solutions in the fields of environmental economy, circular economy and climate adaptation. 
A total of 100 million euros from EU and state funds has been announced and is intended to position North Rhine-Westphalia as a pioneer of sustainable transformation as a location for innovation and business.

What is being funded?

In addition to technical innovations, novel processes and organizational approaches are eligible for funding. This includes personnel expenses, overhead expenses, material expenses, investments, travel expenses and services.

Funding is provided for research, innovation and development projects in the pre-competitive area with a focus on the following thematic priorities:
  • Environmental Economy - Innovations that contribute to developing environmentally friendly, climate-protecting, resource-saving products, processes and services.
  • Circular economy - innovations with the aim of saving resources and developing circular products and business models.
  • Climate adaptation - innovations to increase climate resilience.

Who is being funded?

The main target group are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In addition, large companies, research and educational institutions, chambers, associations and foundations are also eligible for funding in collaborative projects with at least one SME.

How is being funded?

The maximum funding rates are 50 - 80 % and depend on the innovation project and the form or size of the applicant. The funding program has a two-stage structure and consists of an outline and an application phase.
In total, there are three submission deadlines on the following dates:

1st submission round: 18.04.2023
2nd submission round: 20.02.2024
3rd submission round: 12.12.2024

More information on the funding program at

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