On 29th August 2023, the International Drone Show was once again held in Odense, Denmark; organised by Odense Robotics and UAS International Test Center Denmark. As every year, the event delivered what it promised: to be an information platform to showcase the latest drone innovations and explore application potentials. A unique meeting place for drone companies and end users from Denmark and abroad.

The presentations and live demonstrations were of a correspondingly high quality – the crème de la crème of the "drone scene" came together. As Denmark has a large UAS fan community, a lot of know-how came together, and so the progress in establishing drone systems in the various areas of industry and everyday life was lively discussed. 40 speakers from all over the world gave presentations.



What is an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)?

Today, we usually speak of UAS, which stands for Unmanned Aircraft System. It includes the aircraft and its equipment, such as the remote control. UAV, on the other hand, means Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and refers only to the device.



For the EurA colleagues from the Enge-Sande branch, the topic of drone connectivity for BVLOS flights using 5G, i.e. Beyond Visual Line Of Sight, was of particular interest. In addition, the live flight demonstrations of the systems under development were exciting. The flight show demonstrated various models,

  • one from Quadsat demonstrating satellite emulation,
  • one from DroneVolt demonstrating VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) at ten kilogram payload,
  • one from Nordic Wing, a fixed-wing ISR drone, and
  • one from Avular, which looked at unleashing autonomous flight and sensor integration with Modular Vertex One.

Future regulation of unmanned drone flights

The future regulation and processing of unmanned drone flights in the air traffic control systems for manned aviation was also a focus of the event. Only if systems for securing unmanned and manned flights can be combined and integrated, and regulations adapted accordingly, will it be possible to exploit the potential of drone aviation. In addition to the exhibition area, where companies and organisations presented solutions and research results, panel discussions with industry experts on the latest drone developments were very popular. Those on the status of drone integration in Scandinavian countries and its challenges, were particularly in demand. A possible glimpse into the future for the German region as well?

Small but nice, the event also served as an ideal matchmaking format: about 400 visitors took advantage of the opportunity to network with internationally positioned experts. Dr Viktor Schneider from EurA AG said: "The approachability and enthusiasm of the speakers, which is characteristic of the inhabitants of the Nordic countries, is always refreshing". He is manager of the funded USAI network (Unmanned Systems for Autonomous Inspection), which was established with a grant from the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand, ZIM) and supports the development of new UAS products.

You can find more information in our blog article about USAI. You are also welcome to contact us at any time for a consultation on the subject of aerospace.

Text: Britta Rückriem

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