"Forschungszulage": a success story

The fact that all German companies, regardless of size or industry, can apply for the “steuerliche Forschungszulage” is illustrated in the following ...

How do I apply for the “Forschungszulage”?

The German government wants to keep the program very lean for companies and has developed a new application process for this purpose. If you would ...

Do I need a tax advisor for the “Forschungs­­zulage"?

Do you link questions such as "Which work steps/tasks and methods are/were used to achieve the goal?" and "Explain which engineering, natural ...

"Forschungs­zulage": first retroactive project funding

Innovation has only a limited half-life! As an entrepreneur, you often find yourself in a dilemma as to whether you should apply for project funding ...

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